01 October 2008

Perhaps it is the Minnesota Nice.

Astute readers may have noticed (and probably rejoiced) that I haven't been whining about my job lately. At least I don't think I have been doing that. Things have been getting steadily better, and with all the life changes going on in people's lives around me, I don't believe I ever got around to talking about the Big Changes happening.

For a while I was worried. Closed doors, talk of change, e-mails circulating from the higher-ups to everyone but those of us hired since the first of the year ... those things can get a girl's anxiety meter running in the red -- especially when the economy is in the shitter. And also when said girl got the "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to let you go. There's just not enough money," talk in the past year. Not to mention the stories I've heard about people being hired and laid off shortly thereafter in the past at this place.

Turns out the changes were going to be good for me. I found out about a month ago I was to be moved from my nebulous department that served all the departments in all of the offices. I was going to end up in one of the two departments in the Minneapolis office. Hooray! Actually, once my training was over, I started doing most of my work for the Minneapolis office departments, so it wasn't a huge change.

I think it was about two weeks ago when I unofficially got word of my future. I was working on a project for my boss-to-be and went to update him on my progress. He actually shook my hand when he thanked me for all of my efforts. Um, okay. It wasn't really that tough of a job. It was just a ton of work.

After thanking me, he asked me to close the door and sit down. He explained a little bit about the situation and said it looked like I was going to be in his department. I said, "That's great!" And he was all, "I'm so glad you think that." Did he maybe think I was going to be all crestfallen and say, "Oh. Okay," or something of that nature? In truth, I wasn't disappointed. I wasn't exactly excited, either. But I'm not an ungrateful asshole or anything. It seemed like he was really glad to have me on board.

So, it turns out that I am going to be spending about half of my time working for a Big Client. I believe it is our office's biggest client. Sweet. Unfortunately, this means I have to go through training again. However, I'll just be getting trained in the myriad of sources to which this one particular client has access. And while the guy training me is in the New York office, he's not one of The Trainers. He's the guy who will be doing the other 50 percent of the Big Client's work. The rest of my time will be spent working for my department and the other department in our office. I guess I might still do some work for New York, but they'll have to pay a pretty penny for my time.

When my boss-to-be told me all of this, he said I should keep it confidential until I got the official word from our general manager. No problem. I can totally do that. Then last week, the building had a tenant appreciation and everyone went but me. I was leaving early that day to go to Fredder's wake, so I didn't want to take any extra time. Turns out, my boss-to-be spilled the beans to a whole table full of people about my new role. Alrighty then.

Finally, on Tuesday, I got The Official Word. And like The Trainers, my boss-to-be and the GM were effusive in their praise of my work. But I totally bought it from these guys. Is it just because I could see them while they were saying it? Because they are in the Minneapolis office? I don't know. The GM made sure to tell my boss-to-be that I was a good writer and brought up some things I said in my interview six months ago and that they should get me on some writing projects, stat. Excellent!

They think I will be a valuable asset. New Boss thinks the work I will be doing is going to be great for my career development. I don't know how to feel about this. It's totally corporate-speak. And while I'm feeling less guilty about working for The Man, I still feel bad for not doing Good Work.

Oh well. At least I have a job.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Congrats on the change! I hope you enjoy it alot more since it seemed as though you were so unhappy when you first started.

Jess said...

Thanks. I was really unhappy. And while I don't necessarily really like my job, I certainly don't hate it anymore.

Baby steps, I guess.