30 October 2008

Oh sure, Lisa, some magical, delicious animal.

I have tasted heaven and it is two kinds of pork, one wrapped around the other.
A couple of weeks ago, I was perusing my recipe website of choice, looking for recipes to use up some of the meat in my freezer. One of the things I had in abundance was bratwurst from the farm. Are there really a lot of ways to cook brats, other than simmered in beer and then crisped up on a grill or in a pan?

It turns out there are other ways. There weren't a ton of recipes, but there were a few that used brats as a substitute, if you will, for Italian sausage. And a couple of "stews" with cheese and cream-based, condensed soup. Shocking revelation: I think those recipes were submitted by Wisconsinites. But lo! There was another recipe.

Bacon-wrapped bratwurst.

Bacon up that sausage, boy. Bacon it! God, I love it when life imitates The Simpsons. I immediately sent the link to The Boy I Currently Like. He said he didn't even need to click on the link to know that he wanted it.

Finally tonight, I made them for us for dinner. And they were fucking good. I realized when we were talking about having these bacon-wrapped brats, that I had made The Boy wait more than a year now to try bacon from my family farm. How did that happen? I mean, that is one of my big selling points: free bacon! That and the boobs. Why else would anyone want to meet me or hang out with me?

Seriously, I cannot tell you how good these things are. It was a borderline foodgasm. Throw in the oven-roasted potatoes and it is a foodgasm. Bacon-wrapped brats will become my signature dish, I believe. They will be the centerpiece of my bacon-themed birthday party, I can tell you that.


Anonymous said...

LOL that's awesome!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Holy crap that sounds good. Meat with meat is my favorite meal.

I did your blog. Been reading it for a while. The excitement of bacon wrapped sausages prompted me to comment.

"You gonna dunk your sausages in that syrup homeboy?"

Jeff Deasy said...

If you really love bacon the following Thick Sliced Applewood Smoked Bacon is the best I've ever come across:


As for brats, the best I've been able to find are also Applewood Smoked:


You got to love bacon!

Jess said...

The weird thing is, Daddy Geek Boy, I totally don't like, say, a bacon cheeseburger. I generally prefer my bacon solo or as the solo meat product in with other stuff.

Homer Simpson would not be proud of me.

Thanks for the links, John. I will need a source for quality pork products when the day comes in the not-too-distant future that my dad retires and shuts down the farm, and with it, my source of free bacon (and brats and ribs and pork chops and pork steaks and ground pork and pork sausage).

Emily said...

I think you could take the brat to the next level by using baconnaise as a condiment:


Jess said...

I've been invited to two different Baconnaise events by one of the creators himself. (Hi Justin!)

Alas, I couldn't get to Seattle for either. Or any of the Bacon Salt activities to which I've been invited, either. *cry*

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Bacon and boobs are certainly a combination that is tough to beat. I can see why you bring all the boys to your yard!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Anything with bacon is just awesome!

I don't think I've ever had bratwurst. However, any meat product would be yummy in my book!

Jess said...

While I may flaunt the bacon, Muffy, I do not dole it out readily. I believe The Boy I Currently Like is just the second guy I've dated who has gotten to eat bacon from the family farm. Sure, I'm loose with the boobs and baked goods, but you have to put in your time to get bacon.

LMB, bratwurst is a delightful German sausage. I'm not really sure how to explain it futher, other than it is good.

Becca said...

I know the only reason I want to meet you if for the boobs and bacon.

Jess said...

I gotta play to my strengths, man.