25 October 2008

I work, baby.

Toward the end of the Gopher game today (7 and fucking 1, motherfuckers!), I stumbled upon something wonderful on Vh-1 Soul -- New Jack Swing A to Z. The first video I saw? Big Daddy Kane's, I Get The Job Done.

New Jack Swing was the soundtrack of a good chunk of my life. Since I grew up in a small town and my exposure to anything even remotely new music-wise was severely delayed, I came onto the scene late, but damn did I embrace it. But damn, once we got into it, my best friend and I got really into it.

So many of these songs I'm hearing today just bring back a flood of memories. From cruising in the Delta 88 or going out to Teen Night at the Albatross to going to the Zoo in Wilmington to walking around campus listening to my mixtapes at the U or making out with football players to dancing at the clubs in downtown Minneapolis ... man.

En Vogue, Boyz II Men, New Edition (and Bobby Brown and Bell Biv Devoe and Johnny Gill ... I'm sure I'll see some Ralph Tresvant), Keith Sweat, Guy, TLC, Babyface, Jodeci, Joe Public? Hi-Five? Heavy D and The Boyz ... The countdown is only up through "J" at this point. I'm sure Mint Condition will be on the way in the next installment. As will R. Kelly, Tony! Toni! Toné!, Mary J. Blige ... I mean, shit, if Big Daddy Kane falls under New Jack Swing ...

Oh and these videos. The clothes. The hair. The dancing. The pagers. The women pretending to play saxes or trumpets. The keytars. Holy shit.

I was dancing around my living room like an idiot this afternoon before I'd had a drink. By the time this shit gets started again in just over an hour, I'll have a little buzz and then IT'S ON, motherfuckers! Dance party at Chez Jess.

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