06 October 2008

Hasn't Golden Gopher Basketball suffered enough?

Let's see, there was the rape scandal under Jim Dutcher in the '80s. Dutcher's replacement, Clem Haskins, brought us the delightful academic cheating scandal. And who can forget Dan Monson's Reign of Craptasticness?

I thought things would be different under Tubby Smith. I really did. Then today, I see this in the Star Tribune: U of M coach named state's most eligible bachelor.

When it comes to good-looking single guys, a University of Minnesota basketball coach stands tall above the rest.

Steve Goodson, 25, has been named Cosmopolitan magazine's most eligible bachelor in Minnesota and will represent the state in magazine's 2008 Bachelor of the Year contest.

I'll spare you the beefcake photo. Oh wait, it's been removed from the story anyway. There are so many things wrong with this. It's fucking Cosmo for one thing. God, I hate that magazine so much. I have been done with it ever since the day I read an issue that feature such helpful tips as, "Why don't you try ... fainting to get attention!" and "It's okay to eat a hot fudge sundae. Just don't eat anything else all day." Go to fucking hell, Cosmo.

For whatever reason, this story makes me feel gross and squicky. At the same time, I have no problem with some skanks with stage names from my alma mater getting naked for Playboy. Is it a double standard? Am I being sexist? Probably. Do I fucking care? Not in the least. Tubby Smith really has an air of class about him, and this is just ruining it.

Really, I'm just embarrassed for everyone involved here. It's kind of the same way I feel about the New Kids on the Block comeback. Or the Key Cadillac Girl getting her roll on in that billboard.

Besides, I don't even think he's cute.


Emily said...

I think the really sad thing is that you usually have to enter YOURSELF in those contests.

Jess said...

Yeah. I think that's definitely the main source of the squickiness.

Jen said...

Did you know that the NKOTB new album debuted at #2? Wow, do people have craptastic taste in music or what?

Jess said...

Well, that's just fucking sad.

Emily said...

Uh oh, the beefcake photo is back. With a vengeance.


Jess said...

Oh God. The picture combined with the "profile" is just too fucking much. I cannot take it.