29 October 2008

The Followers.

A few weeks ago, I started noticing this section on blogs I read called "Followers." Or whatever the fuck it says. Then all of a sudden, it said I had a couple of followers. Since everyone was doing it and I'm a total fucking sheep, I decided to add the widget.

And now your numbers are growing. But I still don't understand what exactly The Followers are or what it means when you follow a blog. Do you get updates when I post? Is it just kind of like a reading list when people go to your profile? Is it a way to see who, other than you, is reading a blog?

Yes, I realize I could probably do a little snooping around and figure it out myself, but I'm fucking lazy.

Or is this something a bit more nefarious? I'm wondering if I can start embedding subliminal messages into my posts; slowly gaining your allegiance. You won't even notice the changes you're making in your life. They'll be very subtle -- so subtle as to not arouse suspicion. Then one day, when the time is right, I will post the trigger word. You'll spring into action to do my bidding and together we'll take over the world!

I mean, not that I would do something like that. Come on. World domination is so not my thing.

But I would totally be a kind and benevolent ruler. Promise!


Anonymous said...

You are freaking hilarious!

And I would so totally follow you. If I got to do cool stuff. And got cool stuff. And um, a new car. Ha ha.

supertoyz said...

HI Jess! I am one of your loyal followers. To answer your question, yes, I an notified whenever you make a new post. Pretty sneaky huh?

I could use some spice in my life, so I answer "Yes Please!" to subliminal messages.

scargosun said...

It's easier to keep track of new posts from blogs you read regularly.

shaken AND stirred said...

I'm too new to the blogging world to realize that I am notified when you have updated. Fantastic news for a Thursday afternoon!

I read because you're funny as hell!

Jess said...

I hate it when I post something that results in y'all saying lovely things (I'm totally blushing), because then I feel like I was fishing for compliments. And then I totally feel like a fucking asshole.

But I promise you loads of fun. We'll sex (only consensual here, peeps) and pillage (which will really just be generous gifting 'cause we'll be awesome at the sex). There'll be booze and rock music. Glory and um, whatever.

Or there would be, if I was interested in conquering nations. Which I'm not. Remember that.