20 October 2008

Dear Michelle Bachmann, Part II. (Electric Boogaloo)

I know I asked you to shut your fucking piehole a few months ago, but I'm thinking that was a mistake. And you didn't listen anyway. You did however, answer my rhetorical question about whether or not your batshit crazy statements ever cease. That would be a big, fat no.

And of course, after being called on your batshit crazy statements about Barack Obama being anti-American and calling for McCarthyesque investigations into the patriotism of the liberal members of Congress, you come back and say, "Chris Matthews made me say it!" Typical. And disappointing. If you're going to make outlandish accusations and propositions, you should really own them. How can anyone respect your convictions when, if pressed, you blame the media for making you say something? It's not like it was a passing thing. Sure, Matthews used the term "anti-American" first, but you took that hand off and ran the length of the field for the touchdown.

Have all of her crazy statements added up yet to make the voters in her district realize she needs to be voted out? You'd think so, wouldn't you? There was a time when I would have absolute faith in my fellow Minnesotans to boot her ass out of office, but that faith has been severely eroded over the past several years. It's bad enough that we made headlines (and SNL!) with the Crazy Lady at the McCain rally in Lakeville. At least that can be pish-poshed as a single loon. Now we've got Bachmann continuing her campaign of embarrassment.

I'll hold off on my weeping for humanity for a bit, though. Bachmann's opponent, DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg, has been raking in the contributions since Bachmann spouted her ridiculousness. Perhaps this is the final nail in her coffin; her equivalent of Rudy Boschwitz's "Paul Wellstone is a bad Jew," letter in 1990.

Fuck. November 4 can't come fast enough.

Switching gears: in good Minnesota-related news, my beloved, bowl-eligible football Gophers cracked the AP and USA Today Top 25 for the first time in three years. And without even playing a game this week!


Becca said...

So my darling fiance didn't know Michelle Bachman.

I told him she was the female version of Mike Huckabee... Not far from the truth if you ask me.

scargosun said...

Although I am not knowledgable in MN politics, I have to tell you that adding 'Electric Boogaloo' to your title was GENIUS!

Jess said...

I Heart Huckabee has said some crazy shit. However, he did not grope the prez after the State of the Union. Michelle has to have her own thing, you know.

Thanks Scargosun. I've had Electric Boogaloo on the brain since having this discussion last week. Someone had to use it, dammit!

my name is Amanda said...

"...but you took that hand off and ran the length of the field for the touchdown" - Well said! Michelle Bachmann is effing insane. WTF, District 6! You hate Democrats THAT MUCH?!

Jess said...

And she's still trying to say that she didn't say it. THERE IS VIDEO PROOF, YOU MORON.

Jen said...

Why do all these women insist on making themselves look like idiots (Bachmann, Palin, Coulter, etc.)? Political affiliation aside, it's not good for women as a whole. Just shut up.

Also, I put my Obama/Biden yard sign up yesterday. Let's see how long it takes before someone steals it.

Jess said...

It really sucks that a couple of crazy women can make all women look bad. That never happens with men. There's all kinds of dudes out there, fucking up every day and not making their entire gender look bad.

Fucking double standards.