28 October 2008

Changing my tune.

Not that long ago, I was railing about how much I hated the Big Ten Network and Comcast. But they kissed and made up and now I can watch Gopher football and Gopher basketball. YAY!

It wasn't bad not having BTN last year during football season because the Gophers sucked massive, hairy donkey balls. This year, I have BTN and the Gophers are totally kicking ass. This is pleasing to me.

Then today, The Boy I Currently Like sent me this link telling us that Gus Johnson is going to be doing play-by-play for the Big Ten Network. Sure, it's excellent that they've got someone people have heard of doing games.

But what about former Gophers? Lucky for me, the link The Boy sent included a link to Awful Announcing, where I found the following information:

Studio Team: Dave Revsine, Gene Keady, Jim Jackson, Tim Doyle and Gill
Play-by-Players: Wayne Larrivee, Gus Johnson, Craig Coshun, Tom Hamilton, Mark Neely and Revsine
Analysts: Steve Smith, Greg Kelser, Tim McCormick, Trent Tucker, Shon Morris and Spencer Tollackson

This is excellent news, indeed. Jim Jackson makes tingly in my lady parts. I have some sort of weird affection for Gene Keady. I'm terribly glad to see that Spencer Tollackson has found something to do post-college. And while I hate Wayne Larrivee, that is mitigated by the fact that I'll get to hear one Trent fucking Tucker doing games again.

Why I'm so stoked about this is beyond me. It's not like Tucker is a great announcer, but I miss him doing Wolves games. Maybe it's nostalgia or something, but I'm looking forward to hearing him give me some play-by-play action.

Of course, I was really hoping that Kevin Lynch would be involved somehow (I've had a crush on him since I was like, 14), but I just found out today that he's doing radio for the Wolves. This means I'll get to listen to him tomorrow on my way back from the gym. Yay!

I'm so ready for basketball to start.


Frank said...

YES, basketball! Then maybe Detroit will finally have a sports team that doesn't suck. (apart from the Red Wings, but I hate hockey)

The BTN just reminds me of how much Michigan sucks this year...*sniff*

Jess said...

I don't hate hockey, but seeing as I grew up in a wrestling family in a wrestling town ... We didn't even have a hockey team (and apparently can't even field a full wrestling team anymore, necessitating an arrangement with our bitter high school archrivals), well, it's understandable why it falls so far down on my list of winter sports to watch.

I'd say I'm sorry about Michigan, because as a Gopher fan, honey I have been there. And I've been there a loooong time. However, I'm a horrible person and can't help but enjoy the delightful reversal of fortunes while I can. [/bitch]

Anonymous said...

ah the basketball game last night was pretty fun!

Now if only we could make a darn free throw to save our lives.

Jess said...

I only saw the last seven minutes or so, and that was interrupted by a shower.

Holy shit does Le Centre de Target look different. I had no idea where the game was being played for a while. I thought, "Oh, they must be in Sacro. But the Kings' floor doesn't look like that." Several minutes later, I realized the floor said "Timberwolves."


Anonymous said...

They got a new floor.. and a new sound system. The Center is getting some major updates.

Jess said...

A new sound system, too? Oooh la la! Did they change the seats, too? Or did that happen last year? I don't remember the lower seats being black.