18 October 2008

Bonding, baking and bourbon.

My sister had to attend a baby shower this morning, so she dropped my nephew off on her way to the northern 'burbs so we could hang out. Of course, her dropping him off at 9:30 this morning meant I really couldn't go to The Boy's place last night. Fucking figures.

I baked an apple pie before The Nephew arrived. I didn't make it -- my mom makes up tons of them and then freezes them and doles them out to us throughout the year. The Nephew loves Grandma's apple pie and I could use some room in my freezer, so why not? Besides -- I have a reputation to uphold as The Cool Aunt. She lets you stay up late, lets you eat pie or sundaes in the morning and plays video games with you.

Really, all we did was play Wii and watch Cartoon Network. I totally kicked his ass playing laser hockey, often with my left hand AND while I was in the kitchen making lunch. Now that's talent, fuckers! He kicked my ass in everything else but the shooting game and baseball, which we both sucked at. Getting beat by a 10-year-old is fun! I'd not played Wii in a while. Why do I do stuff like that? Just completely forget about something until someone else prompts me to play it, read it, watch it or listen to it? Stupid short attention span.

In addition to baking the pie, I'm also in the middle of my second attempt at real bread. I've got a loaf of whole wheat bread in the oven. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it took FOREVER to rise. Maybe it's just because my apartment isn't warm and humid enough. I finally had to sit it on top of the oven while I preheated it (and then some). It seemed to rise enough after that, but I won't know the final verdict for another hour or so. Cross your fingers for me. A warm slice of homemade bread with some butter would really hit the spot right now.

Oh my God. I just caught a whiff from the oven. I need it to be done now! If this turns out, I'll totes be making my own bread all the time. I'll save money and it'll be preservative-free and all that. Score.

Alas, the bourbon will have to hold me until the bread is done (especially because my black bean hummus really needs to sit in the fridge overnight before it reaches the peak of deliciousness). I made a particularly lovely and delicious Manhattan. Those cherries at the bottom of the martini glass are just so beautiful. It's going down awfully well, too.

Keeping with the "B" theme again, what the fuck's going on with TBS and the baseball game? Guess it just gives me more time to clear shit off my DVR. Oh, Arrested Development, I love you so. And NewsRadio -- I miss you dearly. Once the comedies are done, maybe I'll get drunk(er) and play Guitar Hero. Whoo.

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