11 September 2008

What the fuck, Target?

I loves me some Target. Sometimes it's almost a bit of a problem. When they opened the first SuperTarget in the metro, I wanted to fucking live there. But damn, they've been pissing me off lately.

Why is it that whenever I buy a two-pack of Target gloves for dish washing and other household chores (my hands are dry enough, thank you very much), I'll use one pair forever before I toss them, and then the next pair fills with water the second time I use them? How do you do that, Target?

Then there's the whole constantly-being-out-of-shit that seems to be happening pretty frequently, no matter where I go. Since I've been at the new job, I've been stopping at the Richfield SuperTarget on my way home from the office. Okay, so I basically go there or the one near the gym in St. Louis Park. But as often as I go to either (entirely too often, I must admit), they're both out of shit all the fucking time.

They didn't on my last visit -- and often don't -- have the tampons I want to buy. Both the Target brand and the ... I can't remember -- Glad or Ziploc brand of disposable containers? Only sizes I didn't want. On that same visit where I couldn't get my tampons, they didn't have the Kleenex I wanted, either. Again, this happens a lot. There's always tons of the kind with lotion and the regular Kleenex. But I want the damn ultra soft -- especially when my allergies are bad or I'm sick.

Of course, my allergies have been bad and have transitioned into a cold. Fuck! So, I stopped last night before yoga to get some DayQuil and NyQuil, and wouldn't you guess it -- they're out. Well, kind of. There were only the smaller sizes and this being the early stages of the cold, 12 Dayquil are not going to last me. I settled for buying the Target brand. Which was nice, because ... well, it was convenient to get both in one box. But Jesus H. Christ, Target, it's fucking impossible to get those things out of their little blister packs. I NEED MY DRUGS, ASSHOLES.

Also, when I said I had my own bag, the sales associate at the register asked for my birthday. Are you doing demographic research on half-assed enviros, Target? They never ask at Richfield.

Oh, Target -- for all my bitching, you know I'll never leave you, right?


Anonymous said...

They asked for your DOB because you bought cold medicine. It happened to me last week there and I gave them shit because there was no pseudoephedrine in it. The lady said that the register would not let her continue until she got my DOB.

Kevin from Minneapolis said...

I had to buy wussy cold medicine the other day because the real stuff they only sell from the pharmacy and it wasn't open yet.

I shop at the Richfield, too. It's nice. No wait, it's exactly like all the others. Still kicks a**.

Jen said...

I really hate when stores ask either for your phone number or your zip code. What, you don't want my SSN? Once at Lowe's I think, I replied "I don't care to give my number out" and the girl looked at me like I had just kicked her dog or something. Christ.

Bill Roehl said...

Jen, just reply, "No thank you," and if they continue to press you, leave all your shit on the counter and walk out. They'll learn not to do that again.

As far as them always being out of "shit" it's because they are saturating the metro with stores (including some that are less than three miles apart) and they just can't keep up.

I almost never go to Target now just because they suck so fucking bad.

Michele said...

I thought the being out of shit was a ploy on their part to get you back to the store again. I spend a ridiculous amount every time I go to Target, and if I have to make a return visit, they know I'll spend twice as much. Bastards.

shanquin said...

Yeah, the asked for your DOB because of the cold medicine, but they could have told you that, instead of it seeming like a random question. Although, they also asked for my DOB for one of those little 10 ct. 99 cent tubes of ADVIL I bought at Christmas for a stocking stuffer. I told them to keep their freaking Advil. Which of course necessitated them voiding my entire order and starting over.

The downtown Target is always out of every women's size of clothing between Small and XL. If you work downtown and are an XS (well, I hate you) or plus size, I bet the downtown Target rocks for you. The trick to finding shit you want at Target is to go to the out-of-the-metro Targets, like Hudson. Because, you know, that's real convenient.

Sornie said...

The Savage store has to be the worst for having stuff in stock. Every time I've been there I think they are plotting against me by never having what i specifically need. And I want my VO5 hair gell back too. Bastards.

Jess said...

I'm glad to know I'm not crazy; thinking it's just the stuff I wanted at the stores I visit that always seems to be out of stock.

Since when do you have to give your DOB for regular cold medicine? Or Advil? Really? I'm well aware of the fact that I need to sign away the rights to my first born (suckers!) to get something with pseudoephedrine, but a DOB for DayQuil? And the Target brand at that?

Meth heads and teens: fucking up shit for everyone.

Though, if I were to believe all the PSAs I see on TV, I would think the hypothetical teens in my household were stealing my prescription drugs to get high. God help the teen who steals my Vicodin. Then again, I'm 34 and occasionally pilfer a Percoset from my mom when I'm home on the farm.

Anonymous said...

Some stores are managed better than others. That one in Richfield is very bad with out of stocks.

However I'm not a person who always buys the same stuff.. so if I need laundry soap I just buy what is in front of me... and usually they are not out of everything.. :)

Jess said...

I guess I'm a brand loyalty kind of girl, which is why it is sometimes difficult to find things when I need them.

Or I fall in love with a specific type of thing (my past is littered with discontinued makeup shades and redesigned bras and underwear -- bastards!) and I must have that. Being a creature of habit kinda sucks.

Anonymous said...

I hate Target and I told them I won't go back because they are always out of shit. They don't care. I don't even live in the metro area, I'm in Rochester so there goes that excuse. I have heard others complain too.

I choose to patronize only small local stores because 1. they are nice to me (unlike Target) and 2. if they don't have something, i tell them and they get it if it is reasonable. Target doesn't care about you, they just want your money and from the sound of it, they won't have to stock the shelves because people will still keep going there. Suckers.

Jess said...

I don't remember having the same Target problems when I lived in Mankato. If anything, I could get shit I couldn't get in the metro sometimes.

That being said, I don't know what my other options really are. I am vehemently anti-Wal-Mart. Walgreens is usually considerably more expensive, though, I will check the ad if I'm picking up prescriptions there and they often have good sales, so I buy shit I need if it coincides with an Rx pick-up. No Shopkos around and K-Mart, well, it is also the suck.

Target is the best option for me, usually, to pick up Target-y things. Plus, I can get a lot of different things in one place, thus saving trips, which means saving gas.

Jesus. Why does everything have to be so fucking hard?