03 September 2008

Ranting: repeats and TMI.

I have ranted in this space before about people fucking with my computer when they come over to my house. I realize it is at least partially my fault for having my laptop on and sitting on my coffee table. But when it is there, it is in its place and as put away as it is going to get. If we need the space, sure -- I'll move it to my bedroom. But when I have people over to sit on the deck and have drinks, space in the living room isn't really a concern.

And you know what? Yes, my computer is often slow. My stupid Comcast Internet is often shit. But please don't try to fix things for me. Every time that happens, my computer somehow ends up in worse shape. I've gotten the blue screen of death twice since my guests left. I'd been having no problems for months until Sunday and now I'll have to run the stupid check disk utility daily until things settle down.

I don't come to your house and steal the TV remote or change your music. Why do people do that to me? You could at least ask first before you decide we should watch something else or listen to another song or that you need to delete the version of Adobe that allows me to open PDFs.

Guess I won't be doing any more entertaining any time soon.

And now for the entirely too much information rant. I apologize in advance to my male readers and well, really to everyone. But if I can't rant about this in my blog, where can I do it?

Why the fuck is it so goddamn difficult to find slender regular tampons? I do not want anything bigger. I do not need anything bigger. And quite frankly, since Tampax decided to redesign their tampons, anything bigger than a slender regular is really uncomfortable. And not only are they next-to-impossible to find, they only come in the small-sized boxes. Yesterday at SuperTarget, I was forced to buy a 20-pack of the lite version. Which makes me think they are diet tampons or the equivalent of a training bra. Yay for My First Period! Jerks.


Geoffory said...

AMEN. About the computer. Not the tampons.

Jess said...

I'm happy with 50 percent support.

Jen said...

So is slender different from regular? I have no idea. I just buy Playtex Regular. But now that I'm back on the pill I probably won't have to use much of anything. Woot!

Little Ms Blogger said...

People just come to your house and use your computer? Without asking???? Wow.

I thought I was really rude because I feel the need to refill people's ice trays when at their home. However, I do this after I'm told that the ice is in the freezer. I don't just randomly refill ice trays.

You need to put a post-it on the laptop, "do not touch", but still, it's probably aggrevating that you would have to do that.

Anonymous said...

Really are we discussing tampons? hilarious!

Jess said...

Yes, Jen. They are different. Slender is, well, more slender than regular. The lites are smaller yet. I actually kinda like them now that I've used them.

LMB -- yep they do. Of course, people ask, too. But I do have friends who will sit down and start fucking with my iTunes and playing whatever music they want, for example, without asking. I should just start yelling at people, but I'm so non-confrontational. I'll just avoid having guests for a while.

Believe, JP. I'm bitching about tampons. I've held this rant in for a long time, too. It finally escaped.

Geoffory said...

reading this: http://gadgets.boingboing.net/2008/09/24/my-face-goes-white-m.html made me think of your rant. Enjoy.

Jess said...

Oh my God -- that explains it precisely!