25 September 2008

Part Two: Suck it again, White Sox!

Part one.

I can't imagine I'll get much done at work tomorrow, with all the Twins talk going on. And I totally feel bad for having doubted Big Blue Monkey. That young man knows his baseball.

Fred's daughters were trying to get their mom to go to the game tonight. I hope they convinced her.


Jen said...

Go Twins! The fact that I've been to one game allows me to be a fan, right? Woot!

Jess said...

Not only have you attended a game, but there are two South Carolinians on the team, so that counts for something, too.

Plus, you love all that is good in the world, right? That pretty much qualifies you as a Twins fan.

Jen said...

Oh right! Adam Everett and...oh crap who else? (Ok, i had to look it up. Brian Buscher. Forgot about him.) That game was so much fun. I still remember your nephew cracking me up. Anyway, still pulling for the Twins!!

Jess said...

Dammit. The Bitch Sox/Tigers game is delayed. They're going to draw this out as long as humanly possible.