15 September 2008

As if those eHarmony commercials weren't bad enough ...

The guy in the newest one reminds me of Booty Call Matt. There's a shot at the end of the spot where the lame-Os are moving in for a smooch or something, and he's in profile. He looks so much like Booty Call Matt, it's scary. His stubble is even the same. I can't remember what the dude's hair looks like, but I imagine that's the difference that makes me not notice the resemblance until the end, where you can't see his hair.

Gross. Actually, the guy has a touch of Detlef in his face, too. If he kisses like Detlef, I feel so fucking bad for that girl.

Speaking of annoying dating site commercials, I've not been seeing the Chemistry.com commercials lately. What the fuck happened to them? They had good spots at the beginning. Now they have the couple I want to punch in the junk with the guy who says, "I don't pluck; I manscape," and pops his "P" in manscape. Can there only be two dating sites in heavy commercial rotation at one time? Because I've been seeing a lot of the Match.com commercials with the sultry giggling blonde women. There are no dudes on Match?

Gah. Online dating kinda makes my skin crawl even when I'm not doing it. Yet, I love living vicariously through people who are. I don't understand that at all.

Side note: We have a winner in the Trader Joe's cashiers' jokes about my alcoholism. I went in after yoga tonight and loaded up on some Shaw, and the guy who rang me up is the guy who often flirts with me. I pulled my wine tote out of my purse and he said, "Oh! I see you've brought your Irishman's lunch bag."

I laughed and said, "It's funny 'cause it's true." To which he replied, "I know. I'm Irish." And I'm all, "As am I." Then we traded Irish jokes. Oh, aren't stereotypes fun?

Also, speaking of yoga, I was that asshole in class tonight. I got to my cold early with the Zicam, so I'm already getting over it (seriously, if I could be around The Boy while he was smoking more than normal yesterday and not feel like ass today, I have to be better). However, I do have a wee bit of a cough. And during Savasana, I could feel a coughing fit coming on. Jebus help me, I did everything I could to keep it in. My eyes were watering and every muscle in my body was tensed. But I had to give in, so I kept it as quiet as possible. I hated myself for disturbing everyone, but I felt so much better after I got that tickle out of my throat.



Anonymous said...

crap i've been wanting to post about those lame commercials... and how they make me feel.

Jess said...

Do they make you feel all squicky, Birthday Girl? 'Cause that's how they make me feel.

Anonymous said...

They make me very ill!!