02 September 2008

And now for something a little less girly.

And something completely self-indulgent -- I just finished up my fantasy football draft. Yes, The Bob Saget Fanclub version 2008 is in the books.

I'd been lamenting to people (okay, mostly to The Boy), wondering why the hell I stay in this league. And he reminded me -- it's because I'm in a league with potheads and fantasy football morons. I have a good chance of winning money! In fact, I have won a considerable amount of money from these fuckers over the years. The Boy and I were talking about it over the weekend and I was speaking in gambling terms -- I'm up $7 after last year. But I won $175 last year. It's just that the fees were $168. He told me that I shouldn't think about it that way. So I won't. I've won hundreds of dollars playing fantasy football!

This year's draft was mildly concerning, though. It didn't seem that anyone was making really crazy picks. However, after again talking to The Boy halfway through, I realized it was more because while they were making stupid picks, they weren't taking Reggie Bush first overall or taking Vince Young in the third round (I got him as my backup in the 14th). They reassured me, though, by taking Arizona backup and mega-hot-piece-of-ass Matt Leinart before the starter, Kurt Warner (who will be backing up Leinart soon enough, but still).

So yeah, I'm all ready for Thursday. Except for setting my line-ups and making my picks in the IDYFT pick 'em contest. (I want the Football Jesus statue to match my Basketball Jesus, but a remote control, farting teddy bear would be awesome. Then again, my tie-for-third-place prize from last season was rather excellent, too.) But I have all kinds of time to do that.

I realized in the draft chat room (we all do it remotely) that I quite miss The OC, who is the reason I'm in this league at all. And I miss him as a friend and coworker, not as a boy I used to like. Though, I really did like him. It's good to know I'm well over that.

So, yay for football! It's nice to be excited, even though I still don't have an NFL team for which to root.

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