03 August 2008


What the fuck is it about August that throws me into nesting mode? You'd think it would happen in the fall or winter (and it does). But I have been all about HOME this weekend.

I would attribute it to the whole car thing (and the completely related I'm-now-broke thing) if I didn't recall feeling this way in years past right around the beginning of August. Is there something about the angle of the sun? A change in the air? Just the calendar? That one year I lived at 31st and Hennepin during the Uptown Art Fair?

Perhaps it is just after two months of constant summer going I hit a hugely anti-social wall. Well, not necessarily anti-social. I thought about inviting Future Mrs. Dirk and World's Worst Wing Woman over last night either before they went out or instead of them going out. It seemed like a lovely night for deck drinking. Plus, Saturday is the Pizza Luce Block Party and I am all kinds of excited about it and having my before-during-and-after party.

So, it's not me being anti-social. I very strongly considered meeting those girls out for a drink last night, despite my car anxiety and impending fiduciary difficulties. But I wanted to stay home. I baked a cake yesterday. My apartment was freshly cleaned and I had done laundry. I was moved to organize shelves and do some rearranging of kitchen cupboards and I even added a few more too-big clothing items to my Goodwill bag. I am thoroughly enjoying my clean, good-smelling apartment. Shit. I even slept got eight hours of sleep last night. I've watched baseball (Twins are in first place!), basketball and football today (I cannot believe they're cutting away from the game to show Brett Favre arriving at the airport in Green Bay. *rolleyes*).

I can't explain it, but I certainly don't mind it. I don't want to go out, but I am more than happy to entertain people here. I want to cook and bake. I want to organize. I don't so much want to clean, but I kind of have to do that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to look for more recipes for appetizers to make for Saturday.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

I know what you mean, I get that way, too. Sometimes I feel bad that I put home first so much.

Baked a cake, huh? Nice.

Jess said...

Dude, you're married. You shouldn't feel bad about putting home first.

I totally baked a cake. A ginger tea cake that's not terribly bad for you. Seemed more like a quick bread to me, but it's good. I LOVE GINGER and it has ground and crystallized in it. Next time I make it I'll totally be grating fresh ginger into it, too. It'll be a ginger orgasm.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Really? Wow - I thought Ginger was only for asian food and martinis.

Jess said...

Ginger has so many uses! It's good for digestion, which is probably why you should drink ginger martinis. You know, to help you digest your food.