19 August 2008

The Key Cadillac Girl just won't go away.

Back in February, I wrote about The Key Cadillac Girl (the day after my birthday!). I was a little surprised at the time about the response I got, because I wasn't sure if I was fixating on that billboard because I tend to do shit like that (mild case of OCD?) or because it really was annoying.

God, looking at it now, all these months later ... I'm still embarrassed for her. Honestly. That billboard was SO. LAME. And the subsequent TV ads have been no better. I was hoping to see the baseball-themed one again before writing this post, but I had no such luck. The copy is cringe-worthy. Good Lord. That copywriter should be ashamed of him or herself. I wonder if they hire an agency or do it in-house? I certainly hope it's the latter and they're not really paying someone to make those spots.

And The Key Cadillac Girl herself has gone from not irritating me too much to irritating the crap out of me. Her haircut and Lauren button-down in the baseball-themed ad scream 40-year-old Suburban Soccer Mom. And her stance with that bat? It is not sexy. It is not comfortable. It is not natural. It is awkward as fucking hell. That, combined with her horrible Daunte-getting-his-roll-on dance moves, leads me to believe she's not the most coordinated thing ever. Poor lass.

So, the post generated a good bit of interest initially. But the hits just keep on comin', y'all. People are directed here on a weekly basis searching for either the Key Cadillac Girl specifically, or some variation of "cadillac girl." I suspect the more generic queries are on the women in the national Cadillac ads (speaking of those ads ... did you seen the one first one with a guy, who just happened to be Dusty Donovan? Wait -- they just killed him off this year? Dammit. If that had happened during my Brief Period of Unemployment, I might have seen it!)

Perhaps most surprising is the fact that I often get hits from Key Cadillac's IP address. I sometimes wonder if it's her Googling herself (which is totally healthy and completely natural, by the way) or their marketing/advertising people looking around to see what people are saying about the dealership. On the one hand, if she read this or the previous post, I would feel a little bad. On the other hand, you're on a fucking billboard and in commercials. You set yourself up for this shit, sister. It's not like I don't think people are constantly talking shit about me on a regular basis (mild case of paranoia?). Or, you know, they might be if anyone gave two shits about me and my big mouth.

And I love the fact that people are still commenting on that post six months after I wrote it (kinda like the Lolcats haters). She certainly seems to generate some strong feelings.


Little Ms Blogger said...

OMG...that poor girl and the position she's in for the poster. I wonder how long she had to pose in that position with mouth slightly open.

Bet her back hurt and she got filmy teeth from that shoot

Jess said...

I never thought of it like that. I figured they just caught her in motion.

I'm not sure which is worse, actually.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Those ads are excrutiating to watch! Very awkward indeed.