13 August 2008

It turns out there are benefits to having the Republicans come to town.

I know, I know -- I am as surprised as you are. But you can't tell me the annual union picnic on Labor Day would ever have turned into Take Back Labor Day if the Republican National Convention (aka OMGWTFGOPBBQ08 -- thanks Brandi) wasn't coming to town.

Holy shit! Mos Def! Atmosphere! Steve Earle! Allison Moorer! Lupe Fiasco! Billy Bragg! Tom Morello. (I'm not totes excited about Morello and friends, but shit, who cares?) That is a bad-ass line-up, y'all. And the tickets are only $10. Oh, we have ours. I'm going with KayGee, The Prison Librarian, Macho Man and The Wife. Music. Outdoors. Hopefully beer. Supporting labor. I LOVE IT.

Oh, you're shocked aren't you? You're shocked that a bleeding heart liberal like me would be a union supporter. It's true. I am. However, I'm not just talking out my ass about it -- I've been in a union. I suppose that's why I know about the annual picnic. And that is why people keep looking at me like I'm on crack when I talk about the Labor Day picnic. I almost went one year. Anyway, I've been in a union. I went to meetings. I voted on a contract and I thought that was so. fucking. cool. Then again, I'm the girl who was totally fucking stoked to get called to jury duty.

I cannot understand why anyone wouldn't be on board with: health care for all; the freedom to join unions, wages that can support families and secure retirement. The horror!

So, thanks Republicans, for coming to town and giving me the opportunity to see Mos Def.

Also, one of the event features just tickles the shit out of me:

In addition to the Labor Day concert, the festival will include a You Tube station, a fully equipped blogger lounge, a children’s area, and a large audience-participation art project.



Becca said...

Wow, I wish we had been friends when I still lived in MN. In love with Michael Phelps body, bleeding heart liberal, likes beer, and going to music. You sound like my kind of girl! I've been enjoying reading your blog but am a first time commentor.. comenter... this is my first comment!

Jess said...

Yay! I love it when readers pop their commenting cherry.

Clearly, since you like all those things too, you sound like my kind of girl. I suppose it's the way life goes that we'd only now be meeting in cyberspace because you no longer live in Minnesota. *sigh* Life.

Emily said...

Don't forget the fringe benefit of the bars being open until 4:00!

Jess said...

It's a damn shame I have a job, or I could be out heckling conservatives at the bars until the wee hours of the morning.

Jen said...

I really need to plan a trip to Minneapolis. *sigh*

Jess said...

I'll be able to take vacation days in a couple of weeks!

Jen said...

Yay for vacation days! Sounds like you need some, even if all you do is sit out on your deck and drink. Things will get better! *hugs*

Jess said...

I fully intend to take at least one as soon as I can. And I probably won't use it for anything other than sitting out on my deck and drinking all day, but hey -- that's my idea of a good time.