10 August 2008

I have no title for this post.

After staring at the screen for five minutes, I'm just not going to bother with one. So there.

Yesterday was most excellent. I needed a day full of fun and people being nice to me. The block party was fun -- plenty of delicious Summit and pizza. I didn't have a brat and I'm regretting it a bit. But not too much, since I have plenty in my freezer. Plus, there's another block party coming up in a month or so.

The post party and several other times we were over here to pee and have snacks and free drinks were delightful. There ended up being about 10 people over here afterward. We picked up several people along the night, I guess. Mrs. Dirk's peanut butter cups were delicious. Though, I didn't have one. How did that happen? My chipotle honey roasted almonds were a huge hit. We took some over to the block party and I sent all that remained home with the last person to leave. That was dumb. Or not, 'cause I totally would have eaten them and there are already blondies and olive cheese bread left. I guess it's probably for the best.

Last night was the second night in a row where I've had people over and wanted them to leave, dammit, because I wanted to go to bed. Last night it was a friend of a friend. Well, I guess he's an acquaintance now. I'll talk to him when I see him out and I've even hung out with him at shows. I don't think he stayed that much longer (I was pretty drunk, so I have no idea what time it even was) after everyone had left, but it seemed like forever. A couple of years ago, when I was still trying to decide if I thought he was cute or not, I might not have been complaining in my head.

Today I am totally being lazy (does doing laundry and cooking count as being lazy?) and watching the Olympics. I actually left the TV on yesterday so we could watch whenever we came back over. We're not getting enough shots of Michael Phelps's body, dammit. I do not want to hear him talk and I don't care if I see his face. I just want to see that torso. Lord have fucking mercy. It is a thing of beauty. And what's with the men's beach volleyball uniforms? The women parade around with their asses hanging out of their bikini bottoms and the men have to wear shirts? THAT'S BULLSHIT.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

I love that it seemed like "forever". V. Funny.

And hell yeah on Michael Phelps torso! Heart throb.....

Jess said...

It really did seem like a long time. And I certainly don't know him well enough to be all, "Uh, I really need to go to bed. Could you leave?"

The Slat just called now and said he ran into ... I'm going to call him Jim, 'cause he looks a little like Jim from The Office. So, The Slat ran into Jim today (they are friends ... this is how I know Jim and why he came over last night, but The Slat was gone way before Jim left) and he was all, "Yeah, I got to take home all of the nuts." Awesome!

The men's 4x100 freestyle relay is on in half an hour! So many, tall, lanky, half-naked men. It makes my heart soar.

Emily said...

We're also getting a bit of an obstructed view of the swimmers' bodies with those full on body suits many of them are wearing this year.

The men's water polo teams, on the other hand, are very scantily clad.

Jess said...

Those suits are bullshit, but goodness, when they take the top down ... Phelps's was dangerously low after the relay last night.

Also, YES to water polo. It's hard ignoring those fucking bonnets, but those speedos are so, so right.

Just Roaming The Cities said...

I fully agree with the suits comment!LOL. I went to the Pizza Luce' blokck party for awhile on Saturday. There were some characters there. Everyone was cool except I breathed in more cig smoke than I have in awhile. But the Brass Kings were great, and another band of which I cant remember the name that had beachballs all over; and then this crazy band that was like a parady band like weird al or soemthing, and they were funny as hell. Did you catch them?

Jess said...

I did see some of that band. We went back over to my house for drinks and the loo after their first few songs, but they might have still been on when we came back.

Of course, I cannot for the life of me remember their name, even though I looked it up. I kept getting the damn line-up confused. Stupid beer.