16 August 2008

Holy shit. It's here!

So, I'm sitting here, wasting time while waiting for my hair to dry and I'm flipping through channels because I do not want to watch whatever men's gymnastics bullshit is on the Olympics and the Twins game doesn't start for almost an hour.

I'm going up the channels in the guide and ... wait. Big Ten Tonight? What the hell is that? What channel is this? Oh shit!

It's the Big Ten Network!

Just the other night I was wondering when they'd be adding it. I mean, college football is starting soon and, um, y'all said that it would be on in time for the start of football. I know the Gophers suck, but I still want to watch them, dammit.

It must have just been added, because I was fucking around and kept hitting channel 27 a few days ago and there was nothing there. And The Boy was scrolling through the guide and we were looking at something that was on FSN and I didn't see it then. That was just Thursday night.

'Bout damn time, you assholes. You still suck, Comcast.

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