01 August 2008

Famous last words.

I am not going to do anything this weekend. I'm serious. I said the same thing early last week, but by Wednesday I was booked up. But not this week. It's Friday afternoon and I have zero plans.

Sure, it's summer and there is a ton of stuff to do. Yes, I will have plenty of opportunities to stock up on my alone time in the winter. But I wouldn't mind a little downtime right now. Next weekend is the Irish Fair and Pizza Luce Block Party. I can't remember the last weekend night I stayed home. Or if I was home, that I didn't have people over. I didn't even sleep in my own bed last weekend. And it's not like I went away for the weekend or anything.

And okay, it's not like I'm just going to lay on my couch and do absolutely nothing this weekend. I'm going to go to the gym. Hopefully I will wake up in time to make it to yoga tomorrow. I'm loathe to set an alarm on the weekends and sometimes I wake up just 10 minutes later than I need to and miss class. Boo! I'm also going to clean and probably try a couple of new recipes (because it so makes sense to cook when it's hot as balls out there). I'm going to watch baseball. Tomorrow night, I'm going to watch baseball and football! (Mmmmmm ... Matt Leinart.) I'm going to clear the Shark Week shows off my DVR and I'm going to play Wii.

I will not be having impromptu parties. Nor will I be engaging in any late-night shenanigans with The Boy. I won't be going for any "Hey, let's have a happy hour drink and come home eight hours later drunk and broke," activities either.

I will be drinking, though. There are some things a girl just needs to do.


Anonymous said...

Have fun with your "down time" weekend. I need one of those desperately. I think I scheduled one for spring of 2010. ha!

Jess said...

Why thanks. I don't know what the fuck I was watching on ESPN the other night at the gym that made me think the Cardinals were playing tomorrow night.

The game is Sunday and it's Indy and the Drunken Savages. No Matt Leinart until Thursday. BOO!

I'm Frank said...

I just slept until 2:00 in the afternoon. I think that qualifies as not doing anything. I also don't plan on putting on pants today.

Jess said...

That is impressive, Frank!

I did have to turn down an invitation tonight. Well, I didn't totally turn it down yet, but I am going to make it official soon.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Sounds like an excellent weekend to me. Other than the car dramz - how was it? Did you do everything you wanted to?

I still haven't played Wii. Don't laugh.

Jess said...

It pretty much was everything I wanted it to be, which was nothing. Does that make sense?

I was all planning to have another guitar for my Guitar Hero for after the block party on Saturday, but my car troubles put the kibosh on that. Stupid car!

Wait! I don't mean that, sweetie. You're a good car and I love you very much. Please hold out a little longer. Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

PS: I'll never laugh at you playing Wii, Muffy. I need The Boy I Currently Like or my nephew to help me get past the first fucking level on my Simpsons game. *loser*