14 August 2008


Jesus. How bad are things when I can't even have a lovely evening with The Boy I Currently like?

Okay, wait. It's not like I had a bad time. It was lovely. But I couldn't even be happy or much fun. Fuck. I barely said anything for the longest time after he got here.

He knows I've been having a bad time lately. I mentioned my crying and biting/scratching/clawing myself in the bathroom tonight. Ooops. I try not to dump too much shit on him. I really try not to dump too much shit on anyone. I'd rather not talk about this job at all. Mostly because it often makes me cry and I hate crying in front of people. Thank Jebus for writing a blog, right? Well, I suppose I dump a lot of shit on y'all. But you don't have to read, do you? Still, I apologize.

Anyway. I feel like an ass for being quiet and not ... myself, I guess. Particularly because The Boy was especially sweet tonight. I'm pretty sure he's never told me the dinner I made was delicious. Several times. Then again, considering some of the dinners I've made (corn dogs and tots, anyone?), maybe he's never actually had an occasion. Though, I do recall him rather enjoying the corn dogs and tots.

Man, fuck this shit. I need to go to bed. Is tomorrow really Friday? Last night felt like Thursday and I felt terribly cheated to realize it was only Wednesday. If I can get through tomorrow ...


Little Ms Blogger said...

Sorry, that you hate the new job so much.

Make sure you plan something for yourself this weekend that is fun or special. This way it won't feel as though your weekdays are blending into your weekend.

Just think it's Friday -- official Woo Hoo day!


Jess said...

Thanks. I didn't think this week was going to be that bad ... yesterday was the suck, though.

You make a good point. I'm going to do my best to get to that yoga retreat on Sunday. I need it.

Anonymous said...

This calls for wine! Wine helps me when I hate stuff.

Hang in there!!

abbersnail said...

I really could have written this. Feeling your pain!

Emily said...

Just one hour to go . . . you can make it!

Jess said...

Aw. You guys rock. And Abbersnail, if you're feeling this way, Lord almighty do I feel for you, girl. (Do you all have Chaka Khan in your head now? Good!)

I cannot figure out how my blinding tension headache moved from behind my right eye two days ago to behind my left eye today.

Don't know if I'll be drinking wine tonight, but I wil certainly be drinking. My brother should be here in the next 15-45 minutes to pick me up and then we're going to go watch my friend do stand-up laters.

To alcohol!