20 July 2008

Weekend wrap-up: reusable bags, deck drinking and youth baseball.

Sadly, I am not enjoying the evening at the Chiang Mai Thai Block Party right now. Y'all, I am wiped the fuck out. I slept like ass last night and then had to be up at 8:00 to make sure I was ready and had enough time to navigate road closures all over the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area so I could make it to my nephew's baseball game.

It was their season-ending tournament. They won yesterday and lost two really close games today to come in fourth. Not bad, considering they were the fifth seed and took the team that finished the season in first place to the bitter end of the sixth inning, losing by one run.

Gah. It was such a long day, and outside in the sun to boot. My ass hurts from sitting on metal bleachers. Goes nicely with my sore boobies, I guess? I got home about 45 minutes ago and went straight to the shower. My feet were filthy. I feel much better now, but I'm still tired.

The Nephew's baseball games of course mean family time. The 'rents were here for yesterday's game. We went out for dinner and then I escaped to the quiet of home. They only stayed for the first game today, which was a little weird. Oh well. My brother came for the second game today.

He brought a girl with him!

On Tuesday, I was sitting out on the deck with The Boy I Currently Like, telling him a bit of the story behind the shit my brother wrote on my wall on Facebook that had my sister and I in tears. I also told him I noticed some evidence that my brother might be dating someone. I was having a moral dilemma -- ask him about it, ignore it or hold the information in my pocket for a time he might really annoy me and then tell mom. I'm really evil. I know.

Alas, I think she might have met the 'rents today, taking away my opportunity to be the evil big sister. She seemed nice, I guess. Cute, if not a little heavily made-up for little kids' baseball. My brother is going with her next weekend to see her brother in a demolition derby at our county fair. Hahahahahahahahaha.

Speaking of the sibling hilarity story from earlier this week, my sister and I created an e-mail account for this guy -- Blaine Booshquashconash -- and sent our brother a message from him. Then I created a Facebook profile for him and added my brother as a friend. He apparently hasn't gotten that notification, but he's convinced the e-mail was all my sister's idea. I think we are going to have entirely too much fun with this.

So that was that. What else was I supposed to talk about? Ah, reusable bags. My order from Reusablebags.com arrived on Friday. Hooray! I'd been meaning to place an order for ages, but as with so many other things in life, there was that Brief Period of Unemployment that made me put it aside and forget about it for a while.

Something I tackled at work last week reminded me, though and I finally placed my order. I got this Envirosax bag. It works like a charm so far. I whipped it out to show my sister at the game yesterday and no fewer than four moms wrote down the name of the website so they could buy their own. I also go this Recycled Wave Tote. Holy shit, it's huge! I got a red/pink/orange one. I'll be able to haul so much shit around in that thing. Yay for being environmentally friendly.

Finally, Friday night deck drinking. Guess I'm going backwards. Mrs. Dirk and the World's Worst Wing Woman came over for what's could become a bi-weekly, end of the work week thing. That would be awesome! Macho Man, KayGee and The Brute ended up coming over, too. And then all of us but KayGee went to the Uptown to see Son Ambulance. I think I've mentioned a time or two how I love happy hours that turn into all-night, bar-hopping boozefests. This was kind of the same thing. Except it was low-key deck drinks that turned into a bit of a party that spilled out into greater Uptown.

(Awwww. They're missing me at the block party.)

Of course, I left before Son Ambulance came on because I was so tired. Random people have been telling me I look tired here and there -- 4W, the cashier at Target, probably others ... Yes, I am tired. Yes I look like hell. Thank you for telling me as much. Dicks.

I am actually thankful to be so fucking exhausted tonight. I'm hoping I fall asleep and sleep through the damn night. Maybe I got my dreading-the-work-week anxiety out last night when I couldn't sleep. Christ, I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Hope you sleep well! You deserve it.

Jess said...

God, I just fucking hope I sleep.


Kaiser said...

Jess, have you read "The Tipping Point" by Malcom Gladwell? You are a bit of a "Maven" methinks...

I'm Frank said...

Ah yes, sibling torture via Facebook.

One of my favourite past times.

Jess said...

What makes you say that, Kaiser? I mean honestly, how can you know of my vast knowledge of shit that doesn't mean anything to anyone? You've never even played trivia with me.

No, I've not read The Tipping Point, but it is on my list of 100-plus books I MUST READ. I did a little searching, though, and the reader's guide on Gladwell's site says: Maven -- means one who accumulates knowledge and who has information on a lot of different products or prices or places. Could anyone be a maven if they just have the diligence and desire to learn a specific craft or area of knowledge?

I'm sure you're not thinking I'm a maven in a bad way. However, I always worry about being a jack-of-all-trades yet master of none in work and life in general. This job is only going to give me more random information about more random crap, making me know more shit about more things than anyone really should. But dammit, it makes me good at trivia.

Frank, isn't it nice to have another avenue for sibling torture? Hooray for the Internet!

Kaiser said...

I meant it in a good way, actually. I have some mavenistic tendencies myself and far too much ego to take a shot at...er...myself.

Gladwell talks about Mavens as people who start trends and fads by recommending great things to others and getting word-of-mouth started. Bacon salt, anyone?

Jess said...

Oh, thank God.

I suppose if I had my way, everyone would come home from working out in their Enell sports bra to eat Bacon Salted-potatoes they brought home in their Envirosax reusable shopping bag, all while reading To The Last Drop.

God damn, but I am one pushy bitch. It's a good thing very few people listen to me.