31 July 2008

Suck it, White Sox!

I would make a crack about that fucking douche AJ and his awful platinum blonde hair, but, um ... had anyone seen that orange monstrosity on Adam Everett's head? Oh my God, BRASSY. Ugh. Honey, no.

So glad we went to the game on Tuesday. My sister came over last night to watch the game (she really needs to get cable), but clearly, she chose the wrong night. I was texting her with updates after I got home from the gym and out of the shower. Apparently, one of her friends who went with us to the game was doing the same. We were like her own personal Dick 'n' Bert, but without the farting.

How funny. The Slat just called. He wanted to see what was up with the game. I was like, "Uh, we went on Tuesday." Oh sure, now everyone wants to go. Or at least one other person wants to go. Guess I just needed to break the seal, because I am all about more games and hot dogs and beer and corn dogs on the plaza. It's expensive and my legs are entirely too long to sit comfortably in affordable seats, but dammit, it is nice to see a game somewhere other than my own living room sometimes.

Yay, baseball!


Jen said...

Adam Everett as in Adam Everett from South Carolina? I had no idea he was playing for the Twins. I knew Buscher was. Pretty cool.

Jess said...

Um, probably? Quite frankly, he was injured for so long, I kept forgetting he played for the Twins, too.

Jen said...

He played for Houston for many years so I thought he still played for them. Guess not!

Jess said...

He did just come to the Twins this season from Houston.

I really did question whether he played for the Twins several times over the last couple of months. He was just on the DL and playing in Rochester or whatever for ages.

Now I wish I could forget his hair. Doesn't he have a wife or someone around to tell him that Sun-In is not acceptable?