04 July 2008

So much summer goodness can't be contained in a single weekend.

Last weekend's fun is spilling over to this long, holiday weekend. Hooray!

Mrs. Dirk and the World's Worst Wing Woman came over to have drinks on the deck last night. I've not spent much time with either of them lately, so it was nice to be able to just hang out and chat with them.

I've been having this ... issue? problem? I'm not sure what to call it. But it's been hanging around for a while. The stupid thing is, it shouldn't even be my problem. I've been trying to just ignore it and hope it goes away, but lately I've been wondering if maybe I should be tackling the issue or something. The girls talked me out of that, though. We all know that your problems won't go away if you ignore them, but sometimes it is the only palatable option. I feel a lot better about it today.

We apparently had enough drinks to get motivated to head out to the Nomad to see Koo Koo Kangaroo. We even got 4W to go with us, since there was no cover. God, what fun we had there! My friend in the band is the sweetest kid ever. He's actually my cousin's ex-boyfriend (is that weird?). Anyway, their show was a riot. You should download the album and go out to see them. They're doing the Minneseries this month at the Nomad.

There was a a guy at the bar who, for some strange reason, kept saying "Barack Obama," over and over and over and over. And that is all he said. It was so weird. And hilarious.

Today is starting out delightfully. I couldn't not walk around Lake Calhoun on such a beautiful morning. I was kinda surprised by all the people at the lake already when I was there. I saw an old couple holding hands. LAME. Okay, so the old people weren't really that bad. They just made me think of my crazy grandma and the story she somehow got the local paper to write on her and grandpa for Valentine's day. There was something in there about them always holding hands. Bullshit, Grandma! No one has ever seen you hold hands. And of course you don't have arguments, because A) Grandpa turns his hearing aid off all the time so he can't hear you yelling at him; and B) He's terrified of you.

Um, sorry. Stupid tangents. Right after I saw the old, lovey-dovey couple, I saw a fat little dachshund that made my heart burst. I was moving a little slow this morning, but I suppose it was partly due to the fact that I had a little whiskey to sweat out of my system. My playlist was also in a weird, down-tempo place. I can't ever get it perfect, dammit. But once it picked up ("Napoleon Says," "Lyrical Gangbang," "Tiny Little Fractures," "The Angels Hung Around," "Are You Gonna Be My Girl," "Munich" and "I Predict a Riot"), I really got moving. On my way home down 32nd street, I met a little old man. I could tell he was going to say something to me, so I pulled my ear buds out. He said, "Happy Fourth of July!" Awwwwwwww.

And today is just going to get better. Though, I'm pretty disappointed by this Law & Order marathon. Remember when they used to be good? Anyway, later today is The Doctor and Physical Therapist's annual 4th of July party. It's such a great time. What party with red, white and blue Jell-O shots isn't fun? I'm missing some family stuff, though. My dad's cousin died earlier in the week, so about half the family is gathering tonight in preparation for the funeral and after party tomorrow.

I know it probably sounds horrible to call it that, but it is what we do after a funeral. After the luncheon at the church (following the burial), everyone goes out to the house for more food and lots and lots of drinking. It's a celebration of life. I am kinda sad to miss all of it. But I'll do what I did on Sunday at the Pride beer tent. That was my great-Aunt Tootie's wake. My mom said we didn't need to go. Dad said I should have a beer instead. So I did. We drank a toast to Aunt Tootie. And I'll be drinking a toast to Jane today.

Now I just need to see if I'm going drinking with Muffy and JP tomorrow. Can I take much more fun? I don't know, but I'm gonna try.

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