12 July 2008


Oh yeah, Daddy. That is a bacon Bloody Mary. And it is quite tasty. Last weekend, when Mrs. Dirk and the World's Worst Wing Woman were over, Mrs. Dirk and I were going to have Bloody Marys with smoked meat stick stirrers. But it ended up being too much of a bother and we drank Jameson and diet ginger ale instead. I got the idea in my head earlier today that I would have a bacon Bloody Mary, come Hell or high water. So I kinda had to follow through.

I went bacon crazy with this bad boy. As you can see below, I rimmed the glass (hahahahahaha. I said "rimmed.) with Bacon Salt. I used Peppered. I even used a bacon-flavored toothpick to skewer my olives. Now I suppose I'll need to hunt down that bacon floss from the link Alaina sent me. Wheeeeeeee!

Obviously, the bacon is from the farm. I baked it in the oven (350 degrees for about 25 minutes. Start with a cold oven!), which was a method I'd been wanting to try for a while. It worked out pretty well. You just put a wire rack on a cookie sheet and lay the bacon over the rack. The fat drains away and if you line the pan with foil, there's very little mess. And the bacon stays lovely and flat.

I guess this is just a delicious continuation to a fan-fucking-tastic day here in Minneapolis. Earlier today I continued what has become something of a Saturday summer thing for me; when I worked out, ran errands and came home to eat breakfast on the deck. It all kinda makes my heart want to explode, it's so awesome. On a day like this, the only thing I can think of that would top things off is a little Elbow sing-along. So, do enjoy "On a Day Like This." *sigh* Guy Garvey ...

See you at the block party tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I've never even dreamed of something as delicious as a bacon bloody mary. I've gotta try that!

Jess said...

It's totally worth it. You should try one.

Michelle said...

Wow...that looks amazing! mmmm... bacon.

Jess said...

It was damn tasty.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

That sounds like a very productive morning for a weekend, Jess.

And the Bacon Bloody looks like something that I need to try!