02 July 2008


I thought about starting out with, "Does it get any better than this?" But the answer to that question would have been, "Um, yeah." Or, "It gets just as good as this more often than you'd think."

It is a beautiful night. We very nearly had yoga outside, but the bulk of the class voted against it. Granted, I couldn't really be mad, as I was one of those people last week. And my allergies have been pretty bad for about two weeks now (which is why I'm sure I'll sleep with my windows open tonight ... I will never fucking learn), so outdoor yoga would probably not have been the best idea for me anyway.

So no outdoor yoga. It was still a great class. We focused on back bends, which are very energizing. Last time we did a back bend class I had an awful time falling asleep. But I came home with all of this energy and I poured a glass of wine and went out to sit on the deck.

I had the "Does it get any better than this?" idea as watched the swallows swoop above the swaying trees, their leaves rustling in the wind. Neighbor Cat was roaming the yard. There wasn't much traffic going by on the street. Maybe Pride weekend with my friends wasn't better, but it made me feel just as good. Maybe cuddling on the couch with The Boy I Currently Like last night while watching one of his favorite movies wasn't better, but again, it made me feel awfully damn good.

Honestly, if I could ignore the fact that Star Wars was on the TV inside while I sat out on the deck, you know it's a good night.

I should really be getting to bed. I've got this big plan to trick myself into going to the gym tomorrow. We're getting out of work three hours early and if I don't wash my hair in the morning, I will be forced to go to the gym so I have a valid reason to take a shower and get all tarted up before I go to the Nomad to see my friend's band (Koo Koo Kangaroo). If I don't make myself go to the gym, I'll just have people over to drink on the deck all afternoon until it is time to head out. And if I don't have to wash, condition and dry my hair in the morning, I will get to work earlier and get to leave earlier.

I AM SO SMART, S-M-R-T. Of course, this means I will have to try to get into my monstrous new sports bra in a semi-public environment. So, clearly, I am not so SMRT.


scargosun said...

You know what it funny. I was watching Star Wars in bed last night on Spike.

You make me really miss yoga class. I need to get back. As soon as the $ situation improves...

Jess said...

I think this must mean we're like, soul mates or something. I was annoyed while watching, though, 'cause I kept thinking my phone was ringing. (My ringtone is Darth Vader breathing. *cough*NERD!*cough*)

You know, the only reason I can afford going to yoga is because classes are included in my gym membership, which is dirt cheap. At least by gym membership standards.

Though, I did hear from someone who made it to the retreat on Sunday (which was $10) that the instructor is thinking about doing it weekly. I could scrounge up the money for a couple of those a month, I hope.