28 July 2008

Know what Jess hates?

Jess hates it when people refer to themselves in the third person.

Pompous douchebags.


scargosun said...

Scargosun hates that too...and long car rides that leave you with a headache the next day.

Jess said...

Jess hates anything that gives you a headache. Jess hates that scargosun has a headache!

Jess also hates hands and arms that ache from last night's efforts of cutting up sweet potatoes for black bean and sweet potato stew. However, Jess is really enjoying the stew right now.

Anonymous said...

Snort! You made me snort!

A pox on you!

Jess said...

Alaina realizes now, doesn't she, that since Jess has made her snort, Jess's new mission in life is to make Alaina pee her pants.