25 July 2008

I have a mission.

Yesterday, I came across a bit of news while visiting the Mall of America website to try to determine the exact location of The Body Shop. I do not like the MOA, but shit, it is right across the street and I needed some blotting tissues, dammit.

So, anyway, did you click the MOA link? Did you see? New Kids on the Block are performing and signing autographs in the rotunda on August 8! I've been really curious about this whole comeback/reunion thing they've been doing. I will freely admit (and I believe I have admitted in this very space) that my very first concert was New Kids on the Block, opening for Tiffany at the Minnesota State Fair. Now, it's not like there aren't plenty of artists I liked when I was 15 that I like now. But New Kids on the Block are not among that group.

Who is their fan base? Why reunite and tour? Who the fuck is buying tickets to their concerts?

A couple of hours after I saw that tidbit on the MOA website, The Boy I Currently Like sent me this link to the New Kids' new video, which he'd seen before he left for work. Turns out he was having the "who is going to these shows?" discussion with his coworkers. Also, I totally watched that entire video. They have to feel like a bunch of idiots. I know I felt totally mortified for them.

Clearly, this was all a sign. I need to go to that performance and see who the fuck is there. Maybe it'll be a bunch of stupid teenage girls who listen to whatever the radio tells them they should like. Perhaps it will be a bunch of women my age, screaming and carrying on and generally making fools of themselves. Or maybe it'll be both. I can't live with not knowing. That journalistic curiosity runs deep. And you know it will be good blog fodder. I only wish I could get drunk beforehand. But it's right after work and I won't have time unless I take my flask to the office with me.

Who wants to go with me? I can't take notes and pictures at the same time. I mean, I can do both on my own, but it would be more fun to have a photog with me.

Nerd-Alert PS: The X-Files: I Want To Believe rocked my socks. Sweetness and I went tonight. Sure, we have some unanswered questions and there were a few things that upon further reflection, were a bit silly. But it was still most excellent.


Jen said...

Are you seriously gonna go see NKOTB? I saw that they are playing in Charlotte but I'm way too embarrassed to actually go. I'm like you, though. I want to see who the hell their fans are.

Jess said...

Well, I'm not paying for a ticket to go to their actual concert in ... October? I'm not *that* curious.

But yes, I am going to go the free thing at the Mall of America (OMG! They're just like Tiffany!). Unless I'm wiped out at the end of next week. Or I just don't feel like going.

Though, I feel like I must do this as a public service for everyone else who is curious. 'Cause I have no shame and will take one for the team.