27 July 2008

I am entirely too excited about this.

The other night, when I got to The Boy I Currently Like's place, I saw a notice informing tenants the building had been sold. I meant to ask him about it, but I got very distracted awfully fast. And then I completely forgot about it after sleeping.

We were talking after we got up about something stupid, I'm sure, when he said, "Oh, so I'm going to be moving." Turns out they want to jack up the rent, and for his apartment, it would be ridiculous. Based on what I saw in a glimpse into the apartment across the hall when I was waiting for him after work one day, the other units are nice. His? Not so much.

So, we're talking about this and I was all, "That sucks. I'm sorry." Because moving is the suck. It sucks big, hairy donkey balls. It blows goats and all that. He said he was excited, though. It's a chance to move in somewhere nicer; to step up. And he actually had mentioned moving somewhere better not that long ago. As the conversation is moving along, I'm saying, "Yeah, it's a fresh start." And then the light bulb switches on.

It is a fresh start. A fresh start in a clean, clutter-free apartment. A clean apartment!

I know I mentioned in passing that his apartment is in quite a state after the first time I visited. I'm not going to go into detail or anything, but it is not good. His bathroom frightens me. I honestly think that if things had gone differently and he'd invited me over for drinks and Guitar Hero instead of me being the one to ask first, we would never have progressed any further. I would have been all, "Hey, this was fun. It was nice meeting you. Later!" But it was a couple of months before I went over there, so he had done enough ground work not to completely scare me away. Still, I wish I could have seen the look on my face when I walked in the door for the first time.

So, I'm going through this "fresh start, clean apartment" thing out loud. "Your apartment is going to be totally clean!" And I think I might have hurt his feelings a bit. He knows his apartment is a dump and that it is a messy, dirty dump. But at the end of the day, he's very sensitive and I'm still trying to get used to being a bit more careful about letting my sometimes-very-biting sarcasm slip out. KayGee thinks it's good for me to have to be extra-careful about his feelings. I'm sure it is, but damn, it's tough some times.

Anyway, in response to my escalating-and-slightly-sarcastic giddiness about the idea of his apartment being clean (I hold no hope out for the cluttered part), he said, "Now I'm not going to invite you over until I dirty it up."

Noooooooooooooo! I'll be good. I promise!

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