23 July 2008


As tough as this new job has been, I'm really glad today that I am here and not still at the disaster recovery company.

Well, I'm glad every day that I don't have to worry about mouse poop on my desk, mice rotting in my computer or termites flying about the office. And I'm glad I don't have the infuriating bosses making me crazy. That I can eat at my desk. That I have a much shorter commute. I'm glad I don't have to smell my supervisor's horrible, hairspray-smelling perfume.

But I am especially glad today with Hurricane Dolly bearing down on Texas. They have contracts with several areas that are going to be hit. At the very least I'd be working non-stop. I could also have been on my way to Texas to live in a trailer for God knows how long for my first field assignment. DO NOT WANT.

I am thrilled that I can leave the office after eight hours and eventually sleep in my own bed in lovely Minnesota tonight.


I'm Frank said...

It's an interesting notion that there are companies that look FORWARD to natural disasters that kill and cause millions of dollars in damage.

Well, actually, I'd probably fit right in. 'Cause I'm a prick.

Jess said...

It is interesting, isn't it? Since there were only tornadoes while I was working there, I haven't a clue what the atmosphere is like in the days ramping up to a hurricane. Most contracts call for them to be on the ground before landfall, so I'm sure it's crazy.

The good thing (at least about them and my limited experience with them) is that they didn't seem to be assholes about everything. Like, I felt like I was doing okay work for a company that would help get shit back to normal for the people affected as soon as possible.

I didn't feel like I was part of an evil machine, I guess.