28 July 2008

Circle me Bert!

I'm finally getting to a Twins game. It's my first this season -- my first in the last two seasons, actually. I am not sure why I didn't get to a single damn game last season. Probably because I was declining all kinds of social engagements to work out. LAME. Okay, I've been doing that this summer, too. But to a much, much lesser extent.

Because I never, ever, ever fucking learn, I tried to get a group of my friends to go. Bless their hearts, getting most of those fuckers together to do anything is like herding cats. Why I keep trying is beyond me. Oh, no it's not. I do it because I adore them all.

Now, if this was say, a Thursday night, NFL Network football game and I was inviting them all over to my place to watch it, I'd get a crowd. Half of them wouldn't actually tell me they were coming and some might bring several stragglers, but they'd come. Talking about that has me totally stoked for football to start. But no! There is much baseball yet to be played. I'll worry about football when I have my fantasy draft. Anyway, football is easy. Getting my friends together for baseball or basketball games is really tough, though.

But I did get KayGee to come. She's always such a trooper. I say that as if I had to convince her. That is not at all the case. She was all about going. My sister and two of her friends are coming, as well. My sister and I were pretty much set on going to a game in this White Sox series. I was hoping we'd get the game that Mark Buehrle took the mound for Chicago, 'cause that fucker works fast. Alas, the Twins were taking him out of the park tonight.

I tried to get my sister to make a sign to see if we could get Bert to circle us. It's our dad's birthday tomorrow, so I thought we could make a sign that used that to get us circled. However, the people who won the lottery tickets tonight not only had a sign saying it was their dad's birthday, but they had dad with them. How would we look after that?

"Oh, those girls are horrible -- going to the Twins game on their dad's birthday without their dad."

Look, it's his golf night, first of all. He also lives 75 miles away. So don't you fucking judge me!

Um, sorry. Where was I? Twins game? I'm stoked. It'll get me through the work day tomorrow.

PS: Remember that whole moral dilemma about my brother and his new lady friend? Well, she did meet our parents that day. He has also met hers. We hung out with her on Saturday night at my brother's annual Leprechaun Days party. She added me as a friend today on Facebook, and I see that they've both changed their relationship status to being in a relationship with each other. *gag* I mean, awwwwwwww.


scargosun said...

That 'in a relationship' thing kinda gags me too. I'm on Facebook!

Jerious Norwood said...

You're dad and I share a birthday. Bet you forgot

Jess said...

C'mon, Jerious. Give me a little credit! I haven't even wished my dad a happy birthday yet.

(Also, I totally forgot.)

Jen said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jess' dad!!

Jess said...

PS scargosun: If you find Blaine Booshquashconash, you should be able to find me.