01 June 2008

You know what's fun?

My siblings and I are all grown up, but we still pick on each other like we did when we were kids.

We were at our cousin's high school graduation party this afternoon and my sister was sitting next to my brother on this giant, padded coffee table in my aunt and uncle's living room. I noticed my sister's elbow looked weird and I said something to her about it. Turns out she's got the hyperextending elbows, too!

When we both started then showing everyone what our weird elbows do, my brother freaked. "Gross. Stop it. That's disgusting. Don't ever do that again." Clearly, our only course of action here is to do it constantly whenever we're together.

It's always nice to have something with which we can torture him. He annoyed us to no motherfucking end when we were kids, but with him being the only boy and the baby, Mom always took his side. Little Sister and I are laying on the living room floor, watching TV and minding our own business. Little Brother comes in and starts pestering us, possibly even beating on us and the second we even considered retaliating or even just trying to fend him off, Mom yells at us to "Leave him alone!" Now of course, she claims she never did any such thing. Oh, Mom. You're a hoot.


I'm Frank said...

I always freaked my brother out with my ability to move my eyes independently of one another, like a chameleon. But then again, he always liked to get back at me by kicking me in the nuts.


Jess said...

A kick in the nuts seems like an excessive retaliation for moving your in a freakish manner.

Brothers. *shakes head sadly*

scargosun said...

I can imagine you guys running after him with your elbows out. JAAAAAAA! Evil Elbows!!!!!!

Jess said...

I'll admit, it is kind of freaky looking and gross. But I can't help it!

It's nice that I can use my body anomaly for evil.