08 June 2008

Starting over. Again.

Here we go, again. Tomorrow I start my second new job of the year. My second job in as many months, actually. I'm still amazed at how well I've handled getting canned, being unemployed, looking for a job, starting a new job, looking for a job again/still and now starting another new job. Obviously, I've been drinking a lot.

You know what, though? Before I was let go, I thought losing my job would be the Worst. Thing. Ever. In. Life. Don't get me wrong -- it was no fun. It sucked big, hairy, donkey balls. But I got through it. And I got through two months of a job that made me absolutely miserable. I think (or at least I hope) I learned something about myself. It's so fucking cliché, but really, that which doesn't kill me can only make me stronger. I actually feel like working at a job I hate is worse than being unemployed. Wow. Did I just say that? I didn't spend a lot of time crying while I was out of work. Actually, I'm not sure I cried at all. This was mildly surprising. But I have had jobs that made me cry every. fucking. day. So, crying seems to be a good indicator of how well I'm dealing with a shitty situation.

The nice thing about this new job is that I actually get some training. That will probably be a little boring. Training always is. And I think I probably do better just getting thrown to the wolves at the start, but that's with jobs that you just kind of pick things up as you go. And I did a good job of that at my last job. Maybe that's why I'm looking forward to easing into this gig.

I had been freaking out about starting the new job, but I haven't had a ton of time to think about it today. I spent most of the day with The Boy I Currently Like. We slept until like, noon. Sweet! That's half of a potentially terrifying Sunday gone right there. Then one of his friends came over to watch soccer. Another potentially terrifying situation mitigated by the fact that I didn't have much time to worry about "Oh my God, I'm meeting one of his friends." I can only imagine how I looked. I'd been awake and upright for maybe an hour. I reined in my hair as best I could and I was essentially makeup-less. Awesome! I've looked much, much worse, though. It was fun. The Boy I Currently Like is hilarious, and from what I know, his friends are hilarious, too. Today did nothing to change my theory.

And since I've been home, I've had to shower, eat, do laundry and other crap. The wine I had with dinner has helped me to not get all worked up as I'm writing this. What's even more excellent is that I don't have to be there until 9:00 tomorrow. Score! I plan to drive tomorrow, but hopefully I'll bus or take the train most days. Turns out it is actually faster to bus than take the light rail. Dammit. Oh well.

I'm sure I'll spend most of this week stressing about my training in New York next week. My laptop will probably not be making the trip with me. I dropped it a tiny bit when I came home from Christmas and now it doesn't seem to travel all that well. However, if I'm going to be in New York, um I doubt I will be wanting to be holed up in my hotel room e-mailing, IMing or blogging. I'll be seeing my aunt and uncle for sure. And I hope to find a band I like playing somewhere. Who knows, though. Right now, I need a proper-sized suitcase.

Fuck. It's always something, isn't it?


I'm Frank said...

To go from one hellish job to another (hopefully better) one is impressive. When I worked at a warehouse job for 2 years, I hated it so much that I waited a long-ass time before I even thought of getting another job, money or not. I wish you the best of luck with the new job and hope you have less mouse feces on your desk every morning.

scargosun said...

Whoo hoo! It's going to be great! I think you need to change BICL to BISWTN (Boy I Sleep with till Noon). :) That relationship sounds more cozy than "BICL".

Like my acronyms?

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Congrats Jess! Dying to hear if you like it?

Also am sad that the laptop won't be making the trip with you to NY.

Jess said...

Aw, y'all are so sweet.

Excellent acronyms, scargosun!

Jen said...

Ooh NYC, how exciting! How long will you be there, because My Morning Jacket is playing MSG on 6/20. I just know that random bit of information for no real reason.

Jen said...

Addendum to my original post:

REM, The National AND Modest Mouse at MSG on 6/19. Dammit I need to be in NY, too!

Jess said...

I'll be on the way back to Minneapolis on the 20th. And the 19th I might be at a party with my aunt and uncle, feeling inferior to a bunch of academics and whatnot.

But I'll be back in time to see The New Pornographers and Andrew Bird on the 21st!