23 June 2008

More free stuff.

Though, I had to work for this. So, it was less free stuff than reward, really.

My Bacon Salt package from Justin arrived some time while I was in New York. I imagine it was Thursday or Friday, as the World's Worst Wing Woman stopped by on Wednesday to throw my mail in my apartment.

I was so distracted with coming home late and having to unpack and then not having much time before I had to leave for Rock the Garden on Saturday that I totally didn't even open the package right away. This is very unlike me. If I have a package waiting for me when I get home, I'm trying to get into it while I'm walking in the door.

But I did open it and Lo! is it awesome.

Here you see the Hickory, Peppered, Original and Natural versions of Bacon Salt. On top is a "Pocket Rocket." I can fill it with Bacon Salt and throw it in my purse and have Bacon Salt with me all the time. Glorious!

And here, you see four (4!) Bacon Salt can coolers.

Justin, you fucking rule.

Also, I was going to wait and post about this until I went in the store and saw it with my very own eyes, but Justin tells me that Bacon Salt is available at our local Lunds and Byerley's stores. And it will be showing up on the shelves at Rainbow soon enough. What are you waiting for fuckers? Go get some!