13 June 2008

Made it.

This week actually seemed to go really fast. I was shocked to realize yesterday was Thursday. I suppose it was because I had something due today and I was totally unsure about whether I was doing it right.

My ... trainer? I guess that's what she is, since she's doing most of my training. Anyway, she said my first assignment was a really good start and I was totally on the right track and ahead of where a lot of people would usually be (including where she was) at the end of the first week. She said I should congratulate myself for a great first week. Yay for me, I guess. After my very recent, shitty employment experience, I'm finding it too hard to get even a tiny bit stoked about doing a good job. Especially because I feel like I should be doing so much better than I am.

I'm totally wiped out after trying to process so much information all week. And then I stayed up late last night. I went to The Boy I Currently Like's place after work and watched soccer with him and the same friend I met on Sunday. The friend left and we watched Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Apparently, I misrepresented the level of my nerdiness. I've not seen a ton of The Boy's favorite movies, so we have embarked on an educational project to get me to where I need to be, nerd-wise.

Personally, I think The Boy overestimated my level of nerdiness. I don't recall making any claims to being a huge nerd or anything; certainly nothing approaching his Super Nerd status (it's really cute, I swear). See, he knows I'm a major Star Wars nerd. I'm constantly correcting his attempts at Star Wars quotes. Though, I'm convinced he's fucking them up on purpose to make me flash my Star Wars dorkitude. Anyway, I think he just assumed I was a nerd in general based on that. Sadly, he was mistaken. But I guess we're going to remedy that situation.

Despite having a really, very lovely night last night (it's actually been a really good week with The Boy, which is nice, because last week was a bit dicey), I'm so goddamn tired and cranky right now. I'm trying to get my laundry done so I can pack when I get home from the farm tomorrow evening. I just want to hang out in my lovely apartment that I'm going to be away from for several days, but I've been guilt-tripped into going to The Slats show at the Hexagon Bar. I'm sure I'll have fun after I've had enough to drink and I get there around my peeps. Right now, though, I am not happy about having to get off my couch for any length of time.


scargosun said...

You need some 'me' time. Even if it's not tonight, set some aside or you'll be REALLY cranky later.

Jess said...

Don't I know it, sister. I just don't know when I'll get it. I suppose my downtime in NYC can be "me" time.

I just doubt I'll be able to have it in my apparently shitty, shitty hotel. God, I am dreading this fucking trip.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I want to congratulate you too on a great first week! That is unique for a new job - good for you!

Sorry about the work travel....sometimes it isn't as glamorous as it seems.

Jess said...

Thanks, my dear.

I used to envy people who traveled for work, but I've realized I like my apartment and my city and being around my stuff. Oh well. One week won't kill me.