01 June 2008

I was almost a horrible person tonight.

How do these horribly annoying people end up liking the same bands I do? Seriously -- how can you be that much of a dick and have good taste in music? I don't get it.

There was a point tonight when I was this close to dumping what was left of my drink into a girl's purse who had butted in front of me. But it turns out that A) I'm not that awful of a person and B) I cannot waste even a tiny bit of a Knob Creek and Diet Coke. I want my $6 worth of booze!

Despite the douchieness of the crowd, I had an awesome time. I wanted to buy the opening band's CD, but they apparently took off with their merch during the French Kicks' set. I actively tried to buy your CD, but you thwarted my efforts. Do not bitch when I download it for free from the interwebs. I tried, fuckers.


scargosun said...

You could have just put some ice cubes in there. Probably would have melted her phone.

Jess said...

Dammit. If only you'd have been at the show with us!

I was considering spilling my drink on her dancing friend, too, but again, the wasting of alcohol is too great a barrier for me to scale.

Anonymous said...

If you're mixing Knob Creek with anything, it's already wasted.

Jess said...

Yeah, yeah. I know. I was only drinking Knob Creek because the bartender couldn't find the Maker's. I usually try not to drink Knob Creek in such an amateurish fashion.