07 June 2008

Even more inbox awesomeness.

I don't know what it is about e-mails from Justins this week, but in addition to my Bacon Salt fantabulousness, I received an e-mail with this subject line: "Hate LOLcats? You'll Hate LOLporn Even More!"

Now, I've written about how much I hate Lolcats. I get a handful of hits every day from people visiting their favorite search engine and typing in some variation of "I hate Lolcats." It always warms my heart to know there are others in the world who are Dead Inside, just like me!

Since I spent most of today at a fucking baby shower, I figured I needed to get home and engage in some unwholesomeness. And I'm sharing it with you.

Baby shower side note: it was for my Best Friend Ever, so I actually wanted to go, despite the 40-mile drive each way. I adore her and she is the only woman I have ever known who admitted to being terrified about pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. She's so fucking honest about everything. She's the last of our group of friends to have a baby. I think she was the last to get married. I'm the only holdout now. I was also the one who was adamant about never getting married and never having kids. Of course, my friends said, "You know, you'll be the first to get pregnant and married because you said that." HAHAHAHAHAHA, Suckers.

Anyway, back to the Lolporn. Obviously, this is very not safe for work. I repeat, NSFW! I've only shared it with a few people. Some have found it hilarious. The Boy I Currently Like said it was weird and disturbing. Honestly, I thought he'd love it. I mean, he loves Lolcats and he loves porn. This should be the best of both worlds, right? Um, perhaps not.

Some of it is creepy and weird. Some is hilarious. This is my favorite.

Here is the link already. Christ, Jess. You Can Has LOLPorn!

Now, if you'll excuse me, Purple Rain is on TV One and I have more wine to drink. Plus, Fuse is running Prince videos starting in 45 minutes. Oh yeah, it's Prince's 50th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Prince!


I'm Frank said...

Hmmm, well now I know what's going in my inappropriate e-mails to all my friends.

Jess said...

I'm nothing if not a giver.

And apparently, very, very modest.