17 June 2008

Big Apple Update

I’m doing awful with my little paper journal I planned to use to recap the week, but honestly, I’ve barely had time to even pull it out of my purse and jot things down. Well, there was the time I spent on the train to and from my aunt and uncle’s house last night, but I was reading a graphic novel The Boy I Currently Like gave me a while ago. I swear; that’s really the only downtime I’ve had.

Training has been good, if still a bit overwhelming. I’m sure that’s partly because I spent 11 hours on the road on Sunday and then went straight from work to a different subway stop and to Grand Central Station to try to figure out which damn train I had to take to get out to the fancy-pants suburb where my relatives live.

Yesterday, I did some of my training with an intern who is still in college. During our overview of the in-house library, we covered the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature and like sources. We even talked about microfilm and microfiche. It was bad enough that I remember using all of those things in the not-too-distant past (well, it doesn’t seem that distant to me). But when I mentioned to her that I actually used microfiche for my undergraduate thesis, the girl looked at me like I’d grown another head. I only cried a little. (Also, not really.)

Everyone is terribly nice. The guy who planned my trip for me has given the front desk staff at the Paramount hell for making my dealings with them an enormous pain in the ass. Hopefully they’ll have things figured out when I get there tonight and they will also give me back the $250 they charged me for the room. I’m supposed to get free breakfast, too. Score!

Aside from the jokers at the front desk, the hotel is not bad. I was upgraded to a king room and it is mostly clean and decent. If there were fleas or bedbugs, I’m certain I’d be able to see them on the blindingly white bedding. It smelled a little funny on Sunday night, but it was fine when I got in late last night. Again, this is probably because I’ve been totally wiped out by the time I got in, but I’ve slept like a damn rock both nights I’ve been here. It takes me a while to actually fall asleep, but once I do … look out.

I have nothing planned for tonight. Perhaps I might head to a bar to watch the Celtics beat the Lakers, while cheering lustily for someone to punch Kobe in the nuts. I might sit in the hotel bar for happy hour ($8 martinis. What a bargain!). Maybe I’ll just wander around my neighborhood (away from Times Square), buy a bottle of wine and go back to my room and chill. The possibilities are endless!


Muffy Willowbrook said...

You definitely sound like you are making the best of the situation - You've got a great attitude!

I'm sure you are happy this morning with the Celtics winning! Keep it going, girl!

Kareer Woman said...

One of my favorite sayings, "A positive attitude may not solve everything, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort!"
Looks like mission accomplished, great attitude :)

Jess said...

I had no idea I was making lemons out of lemonade. But yay me!

I'm still wiped out and broke, so I believe if it isn't raining, I will walk the 1.4 miles back to the hotel, grab dinner along the way and hole up and read with the rest of the bottle of wine I bought last night.

Honestly ... everyone is telling me I should do this and that and um, I'm not on vacation. I have to work all day every day and had spend hours traveling to get here.

Soon, though, I'll be on my way home. I can't wait.

I miss you, Minneapolis.

JP said...

This sounds fun... no matter what it sounds fun~

scargosun said...

I really like your ideas for the evening. I will join you with my own fishbowl of wine.