05 May 2008

When is "done," exactly?

There was a little tag on my doorknob when I got home from work tonight from the Minneapolis Water Works. It would seem that the water main in the area (up at the corner?) is going to be shut off at 11:00 Wednesday night. And it will be off until: DONE. Uh ... you really can't do any better than that? Maybe a range of a few hours? Anything? I just don't want to have to haul all of my shit to the gym to shower in the morning. That would be a ginormous pain-in-the-ass. Coming Thursday: My rant about how much the City of Minneapolis completely fucked up my day by not having my water on and forcing me to go to the gym to shower.

So, it turns out my boss was out of the office yet today. Score! And she's out most of next week, too. I can maybe start being able to deal with this shit. I promised Cute Coworker cookies on Saturday and I delivered today. He and Adrian (not her real name) loved them. I make good cookies, y'all. It was nice to see The Boy I Currently Like, plus my family, over the weekend after I made the cookies. I love it when I have the urge to bake and then get to see a bunch of people who will gladly eat the baked goods.

I finally walked around Lake Calhoun for the first time this year tonight. It was loverly. My ovaries were stressed by all of the adorable dogs. There were two dachshunds! I can't take too much of that shit. Why it took me so long to finally walk around Calhoun instead of doing my cardio at the gym is beyond me. Maybe because the weather has been craptastic? It just really hadn't crossed my mind too many times, which is a bit odd, since I drive past the lake on my way to and from the gym.

Walking around the lake instead of going to the gym allowed me to work out, do laundry and go to Trader Joe's. Sweet! I think I found a new obsession -- the sharp cheddar pub cheese. It's a gourmet spreadable cheese. Sweet Jebus, y'all, I think I could just eat it out of the container with a spoon. And! There is a version with jalapeƱos. Mmmmmmmmmm. Or, I imagine my reaction when I eat it will be "Mmmmmmmmm."

I also had a lovely time catching up with KayGee tonight, too. It's so rare that I spend almost an hour on the phone, but we had a lot of stuff to chat about. It felt like we hadn't talked in a million years. She reads the blog, but of course you don't get all the detail in a blog post. Plus, there are things like MC Crazypants that I just can't talk about here. It's nice though, to not have to explain every detail about everything. Hooray for blogging!


Brian in Mpls said...

I know what you mean I walked around Nokomis last night and it was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

you sound like you are finally coming out of your funk!

Jess said...

Do I really? Score!

We're so freakin' lucky to live here and have access to beautiful lakes, aren't we? Were there a lot of ugly people around Nokomis, Brian? I guess the Eye Candy doesn't start showing up to the lake until it's warmer or something. Or maybe it was just a bad night at Calhoun.

By the way, I'm totally daydreaming about that pub cheese. I'm in love!

scargosun said...

I know what you mean about cooking something and then seeing people enjoy it. It's like a high for me.

I'll have to look into that cheese. Is it a TJ's?

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I go around all three lakes by my house pretty often. And yes there are lots of ugly people (I'm including myself here as well). why do doggies make your ovaries hurt?

Jess said...

Yes, scargosun, it is a TJ's product. I think it's new. Or at least they're totally pimping it in the Fearless Flyer. God, I wish I'd brought it to work with me.

Muffy, you are not one of the Ugly People. And doggies make my ovaries hurt because that's the closest I'll ever get to maternal instincts. I react to dogs the way some women react to babies.