18 May 2008

Pub Crawl = No Hangover?

How terribly, terribly odd. I expected today to be pretty much lost. I had been planning on spending the day on the couch, flipping back and forth between the Twins game and Law & Order marathon until I felt well enough to get off my ass and maybe do dishes or something.

But here it is mid-afternoon and I've been to the gym, Target and Lunds. I've showered and done dishes. I'll be heading out to my nephew's baseball game in a couple of hours and I fully intend to make asparagus risotto when I get home. I'm kind of only going to the game because my mom is bringing asparagus and rhubarb up from the farm. I'd been planning to make the asparagus risotto, anyway, but if I can get some homegrown asparagus to use, why the hell shouldn't I?

I have an abundance of energy and lack of hangover today because by the time I got home last night I was pretty much sober. There were some glitches along the way last night. The big glitch was Psycho Suzi's. We actually didn't have much trouble getting a table, but we did have to split up. My sister and her friends decided to go down the street to eat, and in hindsight it might have been a good idea for all of us to go.

We were there for about two hours. It took forever to get our food. Our server kind of ditched us and by the time our pizza finally arrived, we were out of drinks. I had been out for a while. We were cold and hungry and running out of drinks left us all losing our buzzes and getting tired.

We might have been okay if we'd just ordered appetizers. My Plate o' Bacon and the rest of our stuff came out pretty quickly. But everything was basically cold. And that Plate o' Bacon was not everything I'd hoped it would be. One of these days I'll show y'all a real Plate o' Bacon. I took off before the rest of the crew, as my sister and her friends were at the next bar and we'd already had to skip Grumpy's because we had to wait so long, so I didn't hear our server say she was going to quit because she was so frustrated with the staffing last night. Or something.

Inadequate staffing seemed to be the theme of the night for most places we visited. Honestly, y'all had to have known it was Art-a-Whirl weekend.

Still, though, it was fun. As we were walking from Stasiu's to Psycho Suzi's an older Camaro drove past with an old lady leaning out the window yelling at us, "Whoooo! You guys rock!" Um, Grandma's off her meds again!

At Jimmy's, a frighteningly tan dude was chatting up my sister's friend and me. Honestly, he was more orange than the Tammy Faye-in-training skankle I saw at the gym last week. She was just getting that overly-tan-almost-orange look; this dude looked like the Orange Guy from House. He was all, "So, where are you girls from?" Seriously? Meanwhile, his friend is yelling, "Hey! I'm a dirty rocker boy. Find out where they're going. See if we can come along." Um, why don't you get off your fat ass and come ask us yourselves? Yeesh.

We actually skipped not only Grumpy's, but also Mayslack's and Nye's. We ended the night at the Knight Cap. Seemed like as good a place as any. Macho Man and his young friend (the Gopher football walk-on), met us there. Those fuckers had me in stitches. Plus, they gave me a ride home. All-in-all it was a fun night, despite the little setbacks and whatnot. My sister's friends were throwing out theme ideas for the next one -- Fashion Faux Pas was the best among them. So, you know, look for something like that next time.

I might let someone else take the reins next time. They're not the easiest things in the world to organize; and sometimes I hate having to be the Schedule Taskmistress and yell at everyone to get their asses in gear because we're late for the next bar. And the "Why didn't we go there?" shit gets annoying, too. Of course, if I leave it up to someone else, we'll probably never have another pub crawl. So ... who knows.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Sounds like a fun pub-crawl! Psycho Suzi's always has slow service! It's a fun spot, but you definitely have to be patient at that place.

Sorry I missed it!

Brian in Mpls said...

This is why I retired from doing these. We still do them but now it is just 10 of us running amoke 4 places thats it...

scargosun said...

I hate being the organizer unless it's my own party. Sounds like you guys had fun despite the service.

Anonymous said...

You gotta remain the organizer.

Also: love that bacon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it!! Glad you had fun and didn't have a hang over!

I'm Frank said...

Wait, there's a place where you can just order a "plate o'bacon"? Dear Lord!

*hops in car and heads for Minneapolis*