29 May 2008

The mailman brought me something wonderful today.

I wondered what the fuck was in the box than fell out when I opened the screen door. Part of my Amazon order had arrived late last week and then the rest on Tuesday. Frederick's of Hollywood hadn't even shipped my new bras and undies yet. Did someone send me a present?

Then I picked up the package and my questions were answered. I'd completely forgotten an impulse purchase I made last week. It wasn't completely impulsive, I guess. I'd actually been meaning to order it for months, but I was unemployed and trying not to spend money on things I didn't actually need. Though, when you find out what it is, you'll question whether it was a necessity or not. Clearly, it was. But a lesser-tier necessity, I guess. And then I just spaced about it for a while.

Holy shit, y'all -- MY BACON SALT ARRIVED. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Yay!

I ordered the Sampler. My bright idea was to put some on some oven-roasted potatoes that I would make when I got home from the gym. But I was standing in the check-out line at Trader Joe's when I realized I forgot to grab a bag of potatoes. Fuck. I wasn't going to run and grab some, because I don't like being That Person. I considered stopping at Rainbow on the way home, but I didn't pee before I left the gym and I was dying. I did have some Yukon Golds here, but I wasn't sure of their condition. Turns out, it was not good. They are now in the trash. DAMMIT.

So, I just sprinkled it on my hand and tried it. First, it totally smells like bacon. Fucking delightful! I nearly just ordered the original because, why bother with peppered or hickory? How could either taste better than O. G. Bacon, bitches? Turns out that straight up, both of those taste better than original. But who knows what will happen when you put it on or in something.

Being a bacon snob, I don't think it tastes Just! Like! Bacon! It's more like bacony seasoning salt. But considerably better, if that makes any sense. And the saltiness is totally bumped up several notches. Makes sense, I suppose. Bacon is salty and salt is, well, salty. So Bacon Salt would be extra salty, right? Right.

The possibilities are endless. I'm dying to put it on potatoes of some sort. And meat. Perhaps I should defrost that New York Strip in my freezer and grab some potatoes on the way home from the gym or lake tomorrow night. Oh God, I'm So. Excited. Already, the Bacon Salt has outshone those maple-bacon lollipops I bought. I think they had potential, but the mapley sucker part tasted old and kind of fake. FAIL. I didn't even get to a bit of bacon before I got distracted and put it down and forgot about it. Oh well. Bacon candy bars and bacon salt are better than suckers anyway.


Jen said...

And of course, my doctor advised me to cut out salt about a month ago. Damn it all to hell.

Oh well, let us know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

It would be fabulous on Popcorn!

Jess said...

Oh no, Jen! Noooooooooooooooo!

I bet it would be good on popcorn.