08 May 2008

How terribly stimulating.

I got my economic stimulus cash yesterday – a whole two days early! I only checked my account because Cute Coworker got his and we were both scheduled for May 9. As soon as I said I did get mine, too, he suggested we blow off work and go to the bar. If only the boss wasn't around.

While I would love to save this money, I really have a ton of shit to buy. It's mostly stuff I intended to buy with my tax return, but unemployment got in the way of that. I need a second guitar for my Wii so I can finally have Guitar Hero parties (priorities, people!). My list for MAC is very long, but at least there I can get some free shit with my recycling. I desperately need more work clothes. And Christ, the pants I bought when I started a month ago are already a little big. I really, really need new sport bras. My stop-gap solution of the Multi-Bra Boob Control System is not working very well these days. And of course, I need regular bras and underwear. As it turns out, I didn't lose any weight while I was unemployed – I pretty much stayed the same for two months. That was actually a good thing. If I'd kept losing, I would have needed new clothes when I didn't have an income. Now that I’m working and on a regular-ish schedule, I'm back to losing weight. So it’s still clearance racks and Old Navy for me.

What are y'all going to do with your Bush money?

I feel totally lame because I turned down two opportunities to go out this evening so I could go to the gym. But after a month of being back in the working world, I finally feel like I'm back on schedule and I'm having a really good week, work out-wise. I don’t want to blow that. Yoga was incredible last night. I had my very first yoga orgasm, after pigeon pose. One of my instructors was always saying that we carry a lot of our emotions and past experience in our hips, so sometimes hip-opening poses can be really intense. This sounds totally hokey, I know, but I can tell there is something a little more intense about hip-opening poses.

A few months ago, I was a little overzealous in a class tweaked my left knee in pigeon pose. It had been kind of bothering me ever since, so I'd not had a really good stretch on that side in ages. I guess the problem was gone last night because I had the most intense experience I have ever had in a yoga class while I was doing pigeon last night. The stretch was so deep and it felt incredible. Even though I was all stretched out on the floor and not moving around or anything, I was breathing very hard – I was practically panting. It was everything I could do to not make completely inappropriate noises when I came out of the pose back into downward facing dog. Oh my God. It was amazing. I swear, I still feel all afterglowy about it.


I'm Frank said...

I'll probably plan on doing something noble with my money, like investing it or dividing it up and giving it to several charities.

But I'll probably end up blowing it all on Subway and ice cream.

Jess said...

Blowing it on Subway and ice cream is more noble than blowing it on hookers and coke? That makes you like almost a humanitarian!

It'll be a struggle for me to not blow mine on CDs and booze.

scargosun said...

My yoga teacher is out of town so my shoulder are around my ears and my hip flexers are solid un stretchy rubber.

We have no idea when we are going to get our check b/c we needed to file an extension on our taxes because P's W2 still has not come from evil BIL.

Jess said...

Oh, you poor thing. I hope you get to go to a class soon.

And Jesus H. Christ. No W-2 yet? Those things were due at the end of January!

Anonymous said...

Mines going into my savings account. And staying there.

Sound like I need to check into this Yoga business.

Jess said...

You're a better woman than I am, Alaina. I'm going to try to save at least some of it, though.

I cannot sing the praises of yoga loudly enough. That class was awesome even with someone constantly ripping off silent-but-deadly farts the entire time.

Anonymous said...

SBDs? Seriously? In yoga? Seriously? Wow... must be quite a ... moving experience.

I'll try to look for a yoga place around here. We're kinda culturally stunted... but perhaps there's a few enlightened yoga subscribers in GB.

Jess said...

SBDs, indeed. And they were mega-deadly. People fart in yoga from time to time, and it's usually hilarious. Not when they make my eyes water, though.

I bet you can find a yoga class in GB. The smallish town in which I used to live had a studio. And my mom goes to a community ed class in my tiny hometown.