14 April 2008

What the fuck, Twins?

I get in the shower and the score is 9-5. I expected the game to be over when I got back to the TV however many minutes later, and instead the stank-so-far-this-season Tigers have roared (get it, roared? HA!) back to make the score 10-9. What the fuck did you do, Matt Guerrier?

So, that's not what I was going to blog about today. But damn, y'all. I just had to get that out. I suppose it's fine, 'cause I was going to be all over the place with this thing anyway. And I know y'all don't ever expect that from me.

There's a quirky perk at the new job. There is an industrial component to the business and there is a shop out past our fancy new breakroom (which is indeed new, but absolutely not fancy). It reminds me of the machine shed at the home place (someday I'll write a blog post about the weird farm language I sometimes speak). I was out to lunch with my boss today to debrief and whatnot and I mentioned the fact that I needed to find someone somewhere to get the cap off the coolant tank in my car, as it was impossibly stuck and my "low coolant" light was on. She said, "Oh, just ask one of the shop guys. They'll do it for you."

This thought had crossed my mind, but it's not their job or anything. And I needed to get my oil changed anyway, so I was just going to stop at a quickie place and have them do everything. But she told me who I should ask and all that. I should mention that the guy at Lyndale Auto Service (I think that's the name. It's at 28th and Lyndale) this morning was kind of a dick. He's like, yeah it's stuck but I can't help you. We're too busy and you're going to need a ... tool of some fashion.

Wrong, dickface! I just needed a big, strong man. The guy who did it just put a little brute force behind it and had it off in seconds. Then he offered to put the antifreeze in for me! But I can do that myself. It was totally like having my dad at work. AWESOME. Also, guess where I'll never, ever go to get work done on my car? I know you're busy, dude. I'm going to be late for work because of this. But you could have been a little nicer. You're in the customer service biz, you know? Anyway, the shop guys are my new heroes (even though the first one I talked to was also kind of a dick).

The job seemed a bit less hateful today. The helpfulness of my new heroes, a free lunch and PAYDAY probably helped. What a joy it is to be earning money and actively contributing to society again. Okay, maybe that's a bit much. But it's nice to have worked two days and have more money than what I would have gotten for a whole week of unemployment. Now I can buy stuff! Like tickets to Rock the Garden and Arborfest. And sports bras and makeup and new clothes that actually fit me! Oh, it's so exciting.

Let's not forget the weather. It's supposed to be 72 tomorrow? Hot fucking damn, y'all. It will be an epic struggle for me to get my ass to the gym when I could very well be sitting on the deck, enjoying cocktails and listening to the Twins. I don't see this ending in the gym's favor, especially since my knee hurts tonight. Stupid constantly hyperextending knees. Why can't you be normal?


Jen said...

Andrew Bird and the New Pornographers?? Totally jealous over here.

Brian in Mpls said...

I will be going to the game tommorow I am pretty pumped.

I can't wait for outdoor baseball:)

Jess said...

The show is on a Saturday, Jen -- June 21. And it's Pride weekend! So much outdoor boozing is in store.

Outdoor baseball wouldn't have been fun with all that snow on opening night. Was it opening night? I think so.

I'm Frank said...

Yeah, when I saw the score on CNN, I thought there must be some mistake. The good ol' Tigers are playing just as I remember them from the golden days of my childhood: fuckin' terrible. Ah, memories...

Jess said...

At least the Twins beat Tampa Bay tonight.