25 April 2008

Remember when I said I wasn't working on Saturday?

I lied. But at least I can work at home? This means no drinking with Muffy tomorrow. Fuck.

Last night, I went to see Casiotone for the Painfully Alone with Macho Man, Mrs. Macho Man and ... a guy for whom I don't have a blog nickname. Macho Man bought my ticket, otherwise I probably wouldn't have gone. I'm not a huge fan or anything. But I do love, love, LOVE the Entry. And I love, love, love that the Entry has a Wikipedia page.

I left early because I was wiped out (and I'm a million times more wiped out today. I doubt I'll make it past 10:00 tonight), and quite frankly, the show wasn't very good. The first opening band was fucking terrible. Can't remember their name, but it had "unicorn" in it. It was a guy and a girl who sang -- and I use that word very, very loosely -- over samples or their own pre-recorded shit. Their last song consisted of the two of them screaming, while the guy (who was wearing some sort of mask and tapered, acid-washed jeans) danced on the floor. Again, I'm using the word "dance" in the loosest possible context. Mrs. Macho Man and I were concerned that he may actually have been having a seizure.

Y'all know I love to support indie artists. But fuck, man. I have standards. I don't like weird for the sake of being weird. And masked, flailing screamers with asymmetrical haircuts and tapered, acid-washed jeans are weird for the sake of being weird. You cannot tell me any different. They did have a keytar, though. But I think that was more for ironic purposes.

Sometimes it's so very easy to understand why people hate hipsters.


I'm Frank said...

In my experience, any band that makes use of a keytar is either:

A. Undeniably, inexplicably awful in every way, shape, and form.


B. Possibly the greatest band ever to grace the face of this planet.

The bad news is if it's A, then you have to sit through it and resist the urge to remove your eyes with your thumbs.

Jess said...

This band definitely fell into category A. And they're local! I won't be going to any local shows with bands that have "unicorn" in their names ever again.