01 April 2008

Rejoining the ranks.

I took the job. I start tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty meh about the whole thing at the moment, though I'm not entirely sure feeling meh and the job are all that related. It seems highly likely that my emotional state could be mostly hormonal, 'cause I'm also mildy zitty and my boobies are mighty sore, y'all.

Since the offer on Friday and my decision today, I got them to increase the salary offer and I've been told off the record that some fairly sweeping benefit changes are on the horizon. The department head called me yesterday, to tell me again how impressive I was in my interview and how very much they wanted me to work for them. That call was probably as important as the salary increase in making my decision. I've never been offered a job and then had my boss-to-be call me to follow up. I've never had people from the potential job telling me time and again how impressed they were and how excited they were about me coming on board.

So I'm not completely stoked about it. Big deal. The Future Mrs. Dirk made a good point -- any time she's ever been really super excited about a job, it's ended up being some awful, soul-sucking affair. Now that I think about it, my experience hasn't been all that different. Perhaps going in with very little expectation and a a bit of trepidation might turn out to be a good thing.

I spent part of today trying to pad my work wardrobe. I hit the clearance racks at Macy's and Old Navy, where it looked like they were going out of business. Hey, I'm glad to hear you're getting a lot of new shit in tomorrow, and I'd love to come back. But alas, I can't because I have to work. From the looks of things, I have enough to get by for a few weeks. There should be a paycheck coming in before I get too crazy with spending money.

It's probably time to get some sort of celebratory drinking event scheduled, huh?

Um, also? Thank you all for being so supportive during this craptacular time of my life. I can't believe I'm such a selfish whore and forgot to include this when I wrote the post originally. Apologies. I owe you all a great deal.


StoopidNoodle said...

Hercules! Hercules! Celebratory drinking is definitely needed.

Jen said...

Good luck today, Jess!! You definitely have alot of folks pulling for you.

Brian in Mpls said...


crushthemall said...

Of course, you'll have to let us know how it went.

Anonymous said...

Ok! Maybe blogger will let me comment this time--

Congratualations! Knock 'em dead!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Good Luck today, Jess! Hope you know them out of the park!


(That's me toasting to you.)

Jess said...

Thanks, babies! I'll try to get a First Day post up momentarily. Or you know, sometime.

Now, about that drinking ...