13 April 2008


I hate, hate, hate reality TV. Hate. It. Go out of my way to avoid it and all that stuff. And you want to know why? Because it gives the world shows like this: Deion & Pilar Prime Time Love.

Oh my God, y'all, I hate Deion Sanders so fucking much. You don't even know. And what the fuck is the Oxygen network doing giving that fool a show? Did we as a society learn nothing after letting that man make the worst album ever? I can't believe that shit is listed on Amazon. Fuck you, Hammer, for getting that douche involved in the music industry.

Because I'm only a marginally horrible person, I won't embed the video in this post so you have to watch it. But I am enough of a bitch that I'll provide you a link to "Must Be the Money," and you know you're going to watch it just so you can see how bad it is. And it is BAD. Sorry, suckers.

PS: I was only flipping to Oxygen during the commercials in the Twins game because Brown Sugar is on and I like that movie despite the fact that I do not like Taye Diggs. Mos Def totally makes up for him, though. I do not normally watch Chick TV, as it makes me stabby.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Stabby? Wassat?

I'm Frank said...

*Watches video*

*Head explodes*

Jess said...

Stabby is the way you feel when you want to say, stick a fork in someone's eye or a ball point pen in someone's throat.

You know, you want to stab things/people. That's stabby! It might help if you think of the shrieky strings in the stabbing scenes from Psycho.

Jess said...

Thanks, Frank. I knew someone would follow the links. SCORE!