11 April 2008

I was going to write all this stuff.

About being a freak about terms of endearment. 'Cause The Boy I Currently Like has started busting them out (darlin', sweetheart and others), but because I'm a freak, calling him anything other than his name is a HUGE DEAL TO ME. After six months of ... dating or whatever it is you might call what we've been doing, I can't even come up with a better blog nickname for him than "The Boy I Currently Like." Lord knows I can't come up with something cute to call him to his face.

And about how I don't actively hate my job after this first full week, but I certainly don't like it and I never will. It's amazing how much your brain can be fried by even relatively mindless work when you have to do it for nine hours a day for a whole week after not working for two months.

And about how tough it is to have enough of a life so that I have to go to two parties in one night. And how seriously I take my job as DJ for one of those parties. Party starts at 9 and goes until bar time? How about 26 hours of music? And I cut it down by like, five hours.

OH! And how totally fucking stoked I am that F-Bomb is pitching on Sunday.

And probably about other stuff, too, but I can't remember what any of it is. I'm tired and already a little drunk. And y'all? Star Wars is on, so this is all you get. Do or do not, y'all. There is no try.



Muffy Willowbrook said...

I love your drunk posts. In fact we should get together, get drunk and post! HAHA...

alright - i'm already kinda drunk right now - hence the lame comment.

I'm Frank said...

I totally watched Star Wars drunk last night. Somehow it seemed EVEN MORE AWESOME when I was nicely sloshed and surrounded by people who were passing out on the couch and peeing in doorways.

As for a nickname for your guy, have you considered something like "Brawny McSexington"?

Jess said...

We could do drunken guest blogging! Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Brawny McSexington is a pretty awesome name. It's like a take off of Burly, aka Chad Sexington, from The Simpsons. Also, it would be one of those ironic nicknames, like a really fat guy called "Tiny." 'Cause The Boy is not Brawny in the least. In fact, I'm pretty confident that I could take him if it ever became necessary.

I should totes watch what I'm saying. I'm getting all cocky because I don't think he's been reading lately. But of course the minute I start talking about how I could totally beat him up, he'll show up for a visit.