26 April 2008

I need a massage.

I'm so scheduling one this week.

It was 55 degrees in my apartment when I got up this morning. When I came home from yoga it was 54. While I was struggling to get my yoga mat, gym bag, purse, coffee, Target bag and Lunds purchases into the house, I was nearly dive-bombed by one of the robins that is apparently trying to build a nest on top of the light next to my door. And now I'm finally sitting down to work.

Christ. I'm so fucking crabby and stressed that my shoulders are up around my ears and I'm walking around with a permascowl on my face. Yoga didn't even do jack shit for me this morning. I'm so getting drunk tonight. Not drunk enough to get talked into going dancing, which is what Blondie wants to do for her birthday. It's not that I don't like to occasionally shake my ass, or anything. It's more that whatever venue they end up going to Downtown will inevitably be full of people that will make me homicidal, and fuck, I think I'm stressed enough.

When my life finally gets back on the right track, it's going to seem so fucking awesome after this shit.


scargosun said...

My yoga teacher tells me I need a massage all the time. My shoulders are constantly up at my ears and I never realize it.

Jess said...

I'm pretty good about keeping my shoulders away from my ears in yoga. I think yoga has helped me to realize when my shoulders are up around my ears and now allows me to do something about it.

Not that it works or anything, but dammit I'm trying.

I'm Frank said...

We left all the windows in our apartment open last night, as it was a balmy 67 degrees out with light wind. Little did we know that the thunderstorm from hell would roll in an drop the temperature down to 31, as well as spilling 11 inches of rain.

I don't know that I have EVER moved as fast as I did at 2:00 AM when I frantically shut all the windows and covered myself in every blanket and sheet I owned, because it was f**king freezing.

Jess said...

Ah, thunderstorms. They rule, but they can be cruel.

My apartment is a toasty 73 degrees right now. Yay for the heat being back on. Boo for the heat needing to be back on.