24 April 2008

I am not working on Saturday.

Seriously. Maybe I'd work from home, but there is no way in hell I'm going to come in to the office because you didn't do what you were supposed to do for two fucking weeks. Honestly. If you people had your shit together, we wouldn't have had to work until 7:00 last night.

Besides, I want to go drinking with Muffy Willowbrook on Saturday afternoon.

More tears today. The Boy sent me an e-mail that made me tear up. I just got off the phone with my dad and started crying when I hung up. It's probably ridiculous to bawl when people just check in to see how I'm doing, huh? But I'm a little on edge, you know?

I did get to leave at 5:00 today and eat lunch. Though, my lunch was foul because it had been sitting in the fridge for two days. And I even got time to read a bit of the paper today! Did you know that "Stressed workers often reach for calorie-rich foods, skip the gym after a taxing day or forego meals because of heavy workloads. Or they indulge in other bad-for-you behavior like smoking, drinking or staying out late."

My goodness. That is shocking news, isn't it? By the end of tonight I'll have done everything on that list but smoke. And it's always good to know that the drinking means I'm totally going to get breast cancer. What.Ever. I just can't fucking win.

I'm going to forget about it as best as I can for now. Macho Man and The Wife (she's really his girlfriend, but he calls her The Wife) are coming to pick me up in a bit to go see a show at the Entry. I haven't been there for so long. Nothing like a little live music to soothe the soul. And shit. Tomorrow is Friday. I can do this. I will make it through.


Shelb said...

You can, and you will. =)

I'm Frank said...

I have to work Sundays :( It blows hard core but I'm too much of a poor, money-loving puss to try and reschedule. Every time I'm in on a Sunday night, lying on the floor and dozing off, I just remind myself that I'm actually getting paid for my naps. Then I feel a little bit better.

Jess said...

That which doesn't kill me, right Shelb?

Frank, it took me years to start asking for Sundays off when I worked a full-time and a part-time job. It was awful. It's like, the day of rest and shit. But I guess if you're getting paid to nap you're really scoring!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

So Saturday is on?

Jess said...

I really hope so, Muffy. But I can't say for sure yet.

I suck and I'm really sorry.

scargosun said...

You made it!

Jess said...

There are still six hours left to get through today. I'm watching the clock like a hawk.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Jess - don't you worry. We'll get together soon to drink your sorrows away. I am thinking you are in definite need of mind numbing cocktails.