29 April 2008

Beaten to the punch.

In one of my brief moments of downtime today, I came across a lovely gem of a news story in the Strib. I wanted to blog about it, but I'm pretty paranoid about blogging at work. It's a new job, for one thing. Also, my cousin who attends Marquette had me take a survey his professor was conducting on workplace surveillance and that made me even more paranoid.

So I e-mailed the story to Big Blue Monkey and he posted it immediately. Dammit. It saves me the trouble of trying to think of something clever to say about that poor, unfortunate child, though. It's probably for the best. You may have noticed that my blogging has taken a pretty shitty turn since I returned to the workforce. Having to think all day is harder than I remember. And I'm tired. And drinking. Anyway. Local readers have probably seen it already, but if you're not local or you are and you haven't seen it ... What are you waiting for? Check it out, already. (Yes, it's the same link twice.)

I'm not sure what the reason may be, but work is not completely horrible this week. I only wanted to cry and throw up on the way in yesterday. I think I may have made it through the entire day today without a single mini-panic attack. Maybe I'm adjusting? Maybe the horrible anxiety last week was due to my stupid first week of birth control pills that make me crazy?

Maybe it's because I'm realizing that tomorrow I'm going to see one of my favorite bands in the whole wide world. (And! There is a Slats show on Friday. You should totally come out to see them!). Oh, but Elbow tomorrow. *sigh* God, I fucking love Elbow. I can't even tell you. Though I have tried. Macho Man doesn't get them. The Boy I Currently Like asked if it was a Peter Gabriel tribute band. Whatever. I love them. LOVE. THEM.

I managed to turn a good handful of friends on to Elbow with their first album. Personally, I think it's the best. It's probably the least accessible. Christ, I hated a couple of songs on that album until after the second time I saw them live. But I remain undaunted in my mission to spread the Elbow love and so, I think you should listen their new album, The Seldom Seen Kid. This gives you time to listen and decide you need to come to the Fine Line to see them tomorrow. I know the Fine Line blows, but Elbow could play in a Dumpster and I would get all up in that bitch to see them. I'm already a little misty. (down there)


Jen said...

Oh I'm sooo envious! Elbow is the one band I still haven't seen live. Please tell Guy I want to have the sex with him.

And also, I think the boy you currently like should stop listening to his Fall Out Boy records and listen to some Elbow.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Mullet Boy!

Glad to hear you are having less anxiety.

Jess said...

And here I'll be seeing Elbow for the fourth time. I'll see what I can do about telling Guy you want to have the sex with him, Jen. But only after I tell him I want to have the sex with him myself.

It's funny you should choose Fall Out Boy. Macho Man totally likes them. I can't believe I'm friends with him.

Children with mullets are hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time, I think.

JP said...

I really wanted to post about the Mullet kid also.. as I love mullets!

Jess said...

At least this kid got his mullet out of the way before anyone could accuse him of making the choice on his own.

I'm Frank said...

I'd grow one of those if I wasn't required to look respectable for work. I really have no shame, especially when it comes to hair.

Whenever I get anxiety attacks (which is frequent), I start doodling. I know it sounds weird, but there's something about spending time on a poorly-drawn cartoon that makes me forget my troubles for a few minutes and relax.

Jen said...

I see kids with mullets around here all the time. It really is sad.

Jess, Nickelback used to be my fallback "band that sucks" but lately it's been Fall Out Boy. I don't even know why.

Jess said...

There was this hipster in my old neighborhood who had an ironic mullet. I could never decide if it was awesome or not.

Doodling would probably make me more anxious, 'cause I'm so crap with drawing. But I might give it a try.

Is it fortunate or unfortunate, Jen, that we all have a wealth of craptastic bands from which to choose in a situation where you need a sucky band? Mine is Creed.