18 March 2008

Why won't you love me?

I'm really getting tired of interviewing. For every up, there are two downs. I swear. Remember the whole am I dating or interviewing thing? I've reached the point where, if I was dating I would be giving up. Unfortunately, I need a job, so I just have to keep plugging along.

Interview number seven went well enough, I guess. I was freaked out about getting there, with the snow overnight and all. Of course, by the time I left, the roads were fine and I got there a half hour early. So, I sat in my car and read. Much better to be early than late, but I kind of take it to the extreme. I've been ridiculously early for most of my interviews, because I don't know what traffic will be like. Will my car start (it's been really super cold for a few of them)? How long will it take me to scrape my car? Are the roads okay? What if I get lost? Where will I park? You'd think I'd have it figured out, but I bet I'll be super early this afternoon, too. Can't be too careful.

These tag-team interviews are especially trying. The first group was ... meh. But I quite liked the second group. They seemed to like me, too. The first group? No idea. All I can do is write my thank yous now and wait, I guess. And go to interview number eight this afternoon. I tried to get them closer together, but no dice. This is the third time it's been scheduled, so I hope it happens.

There's really no specific reason for me to feel so discouraged today. I mean, two days ago I was all full of optimism. I think it's this stupid cold. It's just lingering. I'm SO TIRED. How the hell did I manage to make it through life when I was working and would get sick? Yesterday and Sunday I had zero energy. All I wanted to do was sleep. I pretty much feel the same today. But I have another interview. I need to go to the gym. I have a writing sample to do. This place is a dump and I need to clean it up because The Boy I Currently Like is coming over tomorrow night. I have to figure out what the hell we're going to eat for dinner.

Unemployment has been a lot busier than I imagined it would be.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Keep it up - something will come to fruition, and you'll be a newly employed chic in no time! I have faith - although I understand how trying it can be.

I'm nerdly early to most things, too. My mom is chronically late, and I think I secretly defy her ways by going against her grain and being on time. Mewhh.. who knows?

good luck this afternoon!

Jess said...

Oh, I know. I'm not completely discouraged. I'm just so fucking tired.

The 'rents instilled my nerdly earliness. It's one thing I cannot stop doing. My apartment's a mess, so I've successfully rebelled against my mom's uber cleanliness. But my Suzy Homemaker time in the kitchen no doubt pleases her. Dammit.

Christine said...

I remember arriving super early to interviews.

I have to go back and read your am I dating or interviewing again!

I am going to drop your present in the mail this week! I promise!

JP said...

I prefer always being early.

GOOD luck, keep your chin up and push forward.